Starbucks Style

These were taken in a Starbucks in Japan.  The Starbucks is located inside the park, next to the playground.  It’s a brilliant idea…. moms thrive on caffeine.

As usual, Stella was very patient with Jackson as he tried to nom on her!

Jackson wore:

overalls – The Pumpkin Patch, gifted from Gil and Chris Fewtrell

sweater – Baby Gap (probably real), from the Children’s Market

cap – from the Children’s Market

shoes – from the fake market

Small Style Duo, Part II

 I’m so late on posting this.  I’m blaming the cough that turned into a fever and pneumonia, resulting in a baby that would not let me put him down.  Tonight is the first night he’s slept for two hours in his crib.  So, my arms are now free to finally post this!

Crazy baby hair!

Stella is “Ton-Ton-Ton-ing” Jackson, which is how they put babies to sleep in Stella’s daycare in Japan.  Check out her other photos here and here for a better description!

Jackson wore:

Skull thermal shirt – baby Gap (gift from Megan)

Camo pants – Garanimals (hand-me-down from Amber)

Sweatshirt – Circo 

Small Style Duo

Erica and Stella (of Expatria, Baby fame) was here visiting last week.  So of course we had to do a dual Small Style post! It was so much fun to have two babies around for a week with such different personalities.  Stella is just over a year older than Jackson, but they weigh the same.  It’s hard to imagine him walking and talking like she is – she even could say “Jackson”!  (well, we could she tell she was saying Jackson.)

Definitely click over to Erica’s blog to check out her photos.  The last one is the best!

Snap quick mama, this is the only photo you’ll get of us looking in the same general direction.

Wow, Stella, your legs are really skinny.

Check out my two new teeth!

My, that’s a beautiful flower on your shoe.  I’m going to attempt to eat it now.

Wait, Stella!  We’re not done smiling yet.

Your sweater looks like good eating too! I’ll just have a nibble…

Jackson wore:

shirt – Old Navy (hand-me-down from Amber)

carpenter jeans – The Children’s Place

shoes – from the fake market in Hongqiao

While you are over at Erica’s blog admiring the two most adorable children in the world, vote for her on Top Baby Blogs.  It’s really easy; just click the banner and vote for her.


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