Flat Stanley in Rotterdam

We sent Flat Stanley to Rotterdam in the Netherlands to visit our friend Inge. The following is her story from his visit.

First off, Stanley made a friend at my house: Knut (maybe you saw him on the pictures on my facebook page) and they’ve become real good friends.

Stanley was a bit scarcely clad for Holland in winter, so I made him a scarf and a coat. Real simple of course, but I think they look fabulous on him. It took some time, so when we went to see the street sign with the really long street on it, he borrowed my scarf :) Then we went into town:

to see the Erasmusbridge,

to see the cube houses,

and of course the Euromast!

Knut was pretty full of himself when he was down below, but when we got up on the first level he was so scared of heights! He stayed out for 2 minutes, but then he wanted to stay inside while we were looking around.

Stanley and I took some pictures of the harbour, the Erasmusbridge, pretty exciting stairs at such heights and a picture with Hotel New York in the background. Remember that we went to drink some coffee there? It’s now a hotel, but it used to be the head office of the Holland-America Line! So people took off here to go to America. Pretty nice huh?

After we had enough, we went to get some salty black liquorice and Stanley is just a sissy like Jon: doesn’t like it at all!! We will go on a train ride tonight to my parents and I hope to take some pictures with him there too. We will see. On monday or tuesday, I will send Stanley to Stefanie, who is in Germany then. She’ll probably have some nice friends to send him to after his visit to her :D

I’m having the time of my life!

Big hugs and an virtual stroopwafel for both of you!


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