Christmas Cookies

I made a bunch of Christmas cookies with glaze for my friends and co-workers. I think they were a hit. I used this recipe from the Reisch cookbook.

Yet more recipes….

Mom and I are having so much fun with this project. I can’t wait to see how the whole thing prints out. Anyone interested in a book, email me! Kristal, a friend at work, said she is going to do the same thing with her daughter (who is just 1 now.) Jon leaves for China again Friday at 6 AM, so I will probably work on it a lot this weekend. Plans seem to be moving forward much more quickly now, which we are happy about!

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More recipes…

Tonight mom reminded me that I had photos in my 4-H book. It took about an hour but I managed to dig it out of the boxes in our basement. Oh, the great Special Foods photos…. I look so hot in permed hair and Coke-bottle sized glasses. Those will be coming….

Jared’s first Special Foods recipe.

I made these last night – yummy!!

3 more recipe pages

Cherry bars are one of Jared’s favorites.

I love this photo of Jared licking the beaters – the look on his face is pricesless!

The background is a bit boring, but I don’t want them all to have fruit backgrounds. Maybe I’ll add a bit of texture.

Recipe Book

Over Thanksgiving Mom and I came up with the idea of putting a bunch of our favorite meals from the farm together in a cookbook. We’re using old photos and taking some too. Here are two pages I’ve put together so far. We’ll get it printed at Shutterfly and it will be hardcover. Let us know if you may be interested in one!

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