Bald Eagle

We were driving down this road near the house when Jon spotted a bald eagle.  We went back to the house and grabbed my camera and 300-mm lens.  He flew off, and we followed.

52 Weeks, 52 Streets – Anfu Lu

On Friday, I gave my friends KC and Erica a photography lesson.  We discussion composition at my house, looked at a few examples from my photos, and then all went out to Anfu Lu to see what we could find to shoot.  There is always something – you just have to look for it!!  I realized that I could also probably do “sculptures around Shanghai”, “Shanghai Dogs” and “Shanghai’s Dirty Laundry” for photo books too.  Plus a book of textures.

Printing at the Photo Mall

The printing and framing section of the Photography Market has moved to a new location, just behind the building where the equipment is located at.


You can walk through the main entrance of the equipment building, and go out the back right corner.  You can also pull right up to it… look for the above sign.


The new entrance to building B.

IMG_4645I had this photo printed on canvas for Shane and Bonnie’s living room.  It’s big – the bed is king-sized so you can get an idea of the scale.  It cost just 140 RMB ($20) to have it printed and stretched across the wooden frame.

Fun with Couch Surfers

I have a computer program that controls my DSLR.  It can do things like time lapses.  It also has a photo booth function!  I’ve been having each of our Couch Surfers do it, then I print out two copies on 4×6″ sticker paper.  They get a copy, and they stick the other ones in our guest book and leave a message for us.


Marion and George, from the Netherlands.  They gave us the guest book as a gift.  We’ll definitely see them again the next time we make it to Europe.  We have quite a few Dutch friends.


Melissa and Matt, Americans who’ve been teaching English in Japan for the past four years.  They have joined the Peace Corp and most likely will be stationed in China next year!  We’ll definitely go visit.

photobooth1Kelly and Ellie, from Florida.  Kelly fell off the stool….  we had a blast with them.  We’re thinking of visiting Florida in the middle of a South Dakota winter sometime way in the future!

Silhouettes in a castle

These were taken in castle ruins about 20 minutes from Jonkoping. It was raining and the sun was setting.


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