Makeshift polarizing filter

Unfortunately, my good lens had a slight malfunction so it’s in the repair shop so I had to use another lens – one without a polarizing filter!  My sunglasses working surprisingly well but I put them one after most all of the lightning had passed.  I’ve learned you really need a filter to cut down on the sky brightness when photographing lightning (especially when it is afternoon), or the bolts hardly show up.

Lightning hitting the Bottle Opener (SWFC)


I am obsessed with catching lightning.  I got about 20 bolts today in about 1,000 frames.

The new best lightning photo

I thought it was special to get lightning shots before, but it’s actually not that hard.  Basically, you keep the shutter open and hope a bolt appears in at least a few photos.


This one hit really close.  This photo is not Photoshopped (well, basic levels and cloning out some dust.)

huge bolt zoom

Close up, lightning looks just awesome!  You can see little white particles of energy all around in the air.

More lightning strikes

Last week it poured rain every afternoon.  Along with the rain came a few huge lightning storms!  I took a couple hundred photos, and captured about eight different strikes.

pearl bolt

Who said lightning never strikes in the same place twice?  I have two photos of it hitting the Pearl TV Tower now, and saw it happen close-up another time.

lightning_smaller_bolts copy2

This is a composite of five different photos.


You can see that each one is hitting a building!

More lightning photos to be posted tomorrow.

New version of lightning

I think I like this one better.  The city looks a lot more “shiny” and less gloomy. 

What do you think?


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