Stuck in the Mud

The boys got a little crazy off-roading with their sidecars.

Jon S. thinks Oh S*#$!


It took Li a couple hours to fix his bike.

Jon’s Sidecar Trip

Here are a lot of Jon’s photos from the sidecar trip he took with Steve and Jon in November.  They had a lot of fun!!

Two more couchsurfers

Recently, we had Sonja, a German woman who is doing her PhD study on China’s influence in Darfur, stayed with us several days. She was staying in Shanghai longer than we could host, so she moved to another host.

Bettina, a German woman on sabbatical from her job at a EU Library in Greece, stayed with us a little while after that. Since they were both in town, we had a little CS get-together for lunch Friday.

Bettina, Jon S., Sonja, me & Jon at the Blue Frog in Daning.

At the local dive bar after a fabulous meal at Da Marco.

We have had all good experiences with Couchsurfing so far. We’ve hosted four times now, and will host two more couples in July. We’re hoping to surf sometime in the future!


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