Antique/Junk Warehouse

Alicia told us last week about this massive building with old furniture piled to the ceiling.  Today, Suzy, Johnna, Alicia and I went to check it out.  You could spend days digging through all of the stuff – our guess is that some is antique, and some is freshly-made to look antique.  It’s really dirty, dusty and you should bring a flashlight to get a better look at things.


I love the friendliness and quietness of South Dakota!  We were getting some new vinyl for Grandma’s Creta’s bathroom which is being remodeled, when I noticed this sign.

The hardware store is big, like many other places.  We were the only customers in there the whole time.  Just give a little shout and the friendly men will help you with whatever you need to find.

Lots and lots of home-building/remodeling materials.  It makes me excited to build a house when we get back to the US.

Store in the Subway

I’ve never noticed this store before, but it is right in the People’s Square metro station, by exit 7.  I was waiting to meet someone and noticed it.  Check out the cute little “hats” the little “men” are wearing.

Dragon Dance Ceremony

This is one of the most interesting things to watch!  The dragons dance all around, jump up on their hind legs, and are fed and get eyes painted on.  Very interesting!

At the Bank

IMG_4559 What a nice service the Bank of China offers….  Next to the forms there is a pair of reading glasses tied next to the pen just in case you’ve forgotten yours.

(click to make the photo bigger.)

The cute culture

Everything here tries to be cute. Steve was even issued a cute bank card.

Christmas lights spell Danger… or wet floor?

Part of the alley outside of our apartment building is torn up. They’ve decorated the rubble with Christmas lights and put a “Caution: Wet Floor” sign in front of it. There is water lying in the lower lying area… quite close to the Christmas lights. Dangerous, indeed.

One of the things that totally gets under my skin…..

I hate it when people smoke right by No Smoking signs. This guy is in a grocery store. It’s just the way it is here. People smoke where ever they want to. I’ve complained to the manager in a restaurant when someone was smoking by me with a NO SMOKING sign on the table. She just giggled. (Giggling is a common response when they know something is wrong but are afraid to do anything about it.)

If you want read more about things Westerners find annoying about living here, check out the Arrrrrgh! section of WoAi’s blog.


I totally don’t get it. There is a gun pointed at a baby!! Someone please explain….
(Thanks for pointing this out, Claire.)


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