Maori at the Expo

The Maori are the indigenious people of New Zealand. at the New Zealand pavillion at the Expo, they are performing the Kapa Haka several times a day. I was only at the expo for a short time, but managed to catch part of the show. Suzy and I took 15 Maori on a shopping tour; it was awesome to hear about their traditions of tattooing. I’m looking forward to going back to the pavillion to see their entire performance!

Beautifying the City

Planting flowers everywhere possible really does improve the enviroment. Sandhya said she read that they’d created new hybrid flowers that will withstand the flower-wilting hot summer!

Expo Taxi

These new taxis have just hit the streets 2 weeks ago. They’re pretty flash! Leather seats, GPS and even seat belts!! They are the only ones that will be allowed on/around the Expo site.

Improvements for the Expo


Can you see the “ugly” object in this photo that’s been camouflaged for the Expo?

IMG_4584Really, the electric boxes are getting painted in camouflage.  Camo doesn’t usually go so well with urban surroundings!


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