McDonald’s delivered.

In America, we have drive-thrus.  We can get any type of food, do our banking, or pick up a prescription at the drive-thru.  The concept hasn’t been heard of here.

Instead, we have things delivered.  McDonald’s included.  You see the McDonald’s guys on bikes everywhere (petal bikes, not scooters. McDonald’s must be cheap.)  I read how to do this a while ago, and Claire and I decided to test it out.

We called the number…. ordered…  and 16 minutes later a guy was at her door with our order!  We were amazed.


I’ve gotten into the whole Bathhouse thing.  First, I went to one with Casey and Helen, and we spent an all-too-quick 5 hours there.  (Helen needed to do research for this article previously, so knew the whole routine.)  The next week, I went to another one with Claire and we spent 6 hours there.  This week, I took Hanna and Henrik and we spent about 7 hours there.  Today, we soaked in the baths, got a body scrub, then an olive oil “body beauty treatment” and cucumber face mask, showered, got a shoulder massage, took a little nap, ate a few dumplings at the restaurant, then got a head massage.  It cost about 350 RMB.

New Star is the one I like best so far.  It’s actually Korean (there’s even dog meat on the menu) and they have some interesting things, like sweat-lodge type things that have special crystals in them.  It’s no-smoking, which is the best, and also headphones in the room where you can lay and watch TV and get a foot massage.  It’s much more relaxing that Xiao Nan Guo.

I feel kind of like a puddle when I get done.  Very loose and relaxed.  Ahhhhh……

Claire and I in the pajamas they give you to wear around.  At New Star, the floors are heated so there is no need to wear slippers!

Hotel Equipment Store

I think this is one of Shanghai’s best-kept secrets as to where to find Western kitchen things! If only I’d have known to go here when we first moved to Shanghai, instead of buying everything at IKEA. *sigh*

This store has everything, and you don’t have to buy 20 of everything. Anything you can imagine needing in a hotel, restaurant, or bar – it’s here. Fake fruit, napkins, tablecloths, glasses, silverware, serving utensils, massive refrigerators, sinks, ovens, those big gas outdoor patio heaters, bells to ring for service… it’s all here and inexpensive. Three floors of fun! (The 2nd to 4th floor, in case you notice the 4F sign further down.)

Address: 345 Aomen Lu, near Jiangning Lu

Claire and Bonnie have a custom baking business called “Sweet Bon-O-Mine.” They are expanding and looking for a small, inexpensive kitchen space – let me know if you have any guanxi to find this!

Bakeware… I’m going to have to come back and get some casserole dishes.

The 4th floor is where to find all of those baking supplies you can’t find in Shanghai. Including cookie cutters, icing decorating bags and tips, pans, molds, rolling pins, etc.

I just love Lock’n’Lock containers. I bought this size of container at Tesco and it was about 80 RMB. Here it was 28 RMB!!!

Look, even a wedding gift set. If only I had more cupboard space.

Ever wonder where the bars get hundreds of dice for the dice games? Neither did I. But, apparently they buy them here!

Happy customers!


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