Mailboxes on Changle Lu

Changle Lu – 52 Weeks 52 Streets

Changle Lu is a nice street for a walk through the French Concession.

Beihai Lu – 52 Weeks, 52 Streets

I need to have some variety in times I shoot or everything will start to look the same!  Gary over at Expatriate Games has some really great night photos; if I remember correctly we have the same camera so technically I should be able to shoot in as low of light as he does.  These were all hand-held photos.

Beijing Dong Lu – part II

Lots of work is going on… only a couple weeks until the Expo starts!  My favorite photo here is of the worker scraping the Chinese character for “demolish” off of a huge glass window.  I’m not certain if this means the building isn’t going to be demolished (at least not while Expo is going on), or if the window will be reused so they need to remove the paint first.

Beijing Dong Lu – 52 Weeks, 52 Streets

Beijing Dong (East) Road is known for all of little shops selling everything having to do with building things: pipes, wheels, nuts, bolts, screws, transformers, tools, ball bearings, and many dohickies and thingamagigs that I have no idea what they might be used for.

Aomen Lu – 52 Weeks, 52 Steets Project

My 52 Weeks, 52 Steets project really got derailed when I spent 7 weeks out of the country!  I’m trying to pick it up again though.  I actually took Aomen Lu in January before I went to Australia.

52 Weeks, 52 Streets – Anfu Lu

On Friday, I gave my friends KC and Erica a photography lesson.  We discussion composition at my house, looked at a few examples from my photos, and then all went out to Anfu Lu to see what we could find to shoot.  There is always something – you just have to look for it!!  I realized that I could also probably do “sculptures around Shanghai”, “Shanghai Dogs” and “Shanghai’s Dirty Laundry” for photo books too.  Plus a book of textures.


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