This is the most neglected member of the family. Poor Boots. She used to be the only ‘child’ that got all of the attention.



My baby’s first tooth broke the skin today! So I got out my DSLR to snap some photos of that toothless grin before he is no longer toothless.



Fabric at the fabric market.



My favorite part of bedtime; crawling into a heated bed!



Almost up on his hands and knees!



One of the Chinese characters for ‘man’ is the character for ‘field’ above the character for ‘power’.

Man = field power. Awesome.



I played the punk at an 80’s murder mystery party. Happy birthday’s Claire and Casey!



Today at Starbucks, I looked up at the ceiling of the grocery store next to us. It had been painted with a roller and about 1/4 of the amount of paint that was needed to cover the ceiling properly. Ah, China.



Jackson attempting to get a Cheerio into his mouth. He was successful! Also successful at gumming it and eating it.



Oysters are pretty gross looking, and my iPhone certainly didnt do them any favors
So here’s my other photo today, of my clingy, drooly baby who I expect to sprout teeth any minute.


Making baby food today.



My Chinese teacher Dongdong and the first three Chinese sentences I could read all by myself!



Chenchen came over to visit Jackson today. He was a little more enthused about her than she was about him!




Sitting Style (late style)

I took these photos last Thursday for Small Style… but didn’t get around to posting them.  Whatever, here is my baby who can now basically sit all by himself!

5/366 – my little biker


Rally Style

Yesterday Jackson received his Christmas gift from his Uncle Chris and family. His first Sturgis Rally t-shirt!

Jackson wore:

Harley Bandana-hat – gift from Grandma Reisch (thrift store find)

T-Shirt – gifted from Uncle Chris (official Sturgis Rally gear)

Thermal – Old Navy hand-me-down from cousin Amber

Pants – Faded Glory hand-me-down from cousin Amber



4/366 – the Post Office

This is the room where I pick up packages above the post office. First, I go to the post office with the slip I’ve received in my mailbox, and the guy points up to tell me to go to the second floor.

I go out and around the building, in a little alley, and carry Jackson’s stroller up a few stairs into the back entrance of a building. I show the paper to the elevator lady and she tells me 2nd floor and pushes the button for me.

On the second floor is the standard dingy whitewashed walls, dirty floors, men smoking and what seems to be random rooms. It’s so weird. I walk back a ways, show my paper to a smoking guy with a China Post uniform on, and he hollers at someone else who apparently can speak English to me (but only says ‘name’, hands me a pen and points to the place on my paper where I need to sign for the package.) The big empty room has a little locked cabinet that contains my package.

I really wonder why my little packages usually come to this back room and not the main area of the Post Office. (My package was a photo book that I ordered from, in case you were wondering.)



Lunch with Mike and Jon at Sushi Abuse. Tea and plum wine.





After seeing that my friend Erica took the leap and committed to doing the photo-a-day challenge this year, I decided that I could do it too! Except I’m just going to do it via Instagram and my iPhone. I think I can manage that. It’s a leap year so it’s 366 days of photos.


Christmas Style

 I went to the baby and children’s clothing market to get Jackson a new outfit to wear to Claire and Carl’s housewarming/Christmas party last weekend.

Jackson wore:

Santa Hat – baby market

Sweater – baby market (real Baby Gap $78 USD price tag on it… but I got it for $7!)

Vest – baby market (Zara Baby tags)

Jeans -The Children’s Place

Handsome Style

I had my six-month checkup today.  With a shot; and I didn’t even cry a single tear!  The nurses giggled at my shirt.  (And checked my chart to double-check my name. Seriously.)

I can sit up on my own for a few seconds without toppling over!

Blue Dog is a great chew toy.

Jackson wore:

shirt and pants – gifted from Megan (Gymboree)

hat with ears – made and gifted by Erin

Blue Dog – Granimal gifted by Grandma Minor

Day 9 – Shoes


Day 9: Shoes

These are a pair of shoes I have that I wish I could wear.  I tried once.  I could hardly hobble to the taxi from my house.

They are beautiful, sexy, tall, copy-designer shoes.  I bought them, thinking I could learn to walk in them.  My friend Casey said, “Those are everyday heels for me.”

Six-inch heels are NOT everyday shoes, Casey.

Office Style


Hi Mom, I’m ready to go to the office like Dad!



Just kidding, I’m going to live at home and slack off.

(Jackson has been warned that living at home when he’s 25 is not acceptable. Unless he is fully supporting us.)

Jackson wore:

Tie bib – made by Grandma Reisch

“Still Living at Home” onesie – Carter’s

Khaki pants – gifted from Grandma R (Jumping Beans)

Shoes – Chinese baby shoes

 Click on the button to check out a lot of other Small Stylin’ babies.  Definitely check out my friend Erica and her daughter Stella, who got me into the whole blogging thing again.  And who I am totally going to visit in JAPAN! Hopefully sooner rather than later.  Can six-month-olds eat sushi?


Day 7 – self portrait

Day 7: Self-portrait

Taking a self portrait is the worst.  You can’t see yourself through the viewfinder.  You can’t see your hair out of place, the shine on your face, the clutter in the background, or focus on your own eyes.  *sigh*  I’m a photographer because I like being BEHIND the camera.

I was going to set up my laptop, hooked to my Canon 5D Mark II, and use a software so that I could see in real-time exactly what I looked like.

It got late; I got tired.

So I took the easy way out and took a self-portrait with my iPhone.  I used Instagram to spruce it up a tiny bit.  I hate the clutter in the background, but if I crop it out it makes my face look too big.  I don’t have makeup on.  I’m wearing my glasses even though I NEVER wear my glasses.  (I’m wearing them because I have an appointment Friday to see if I am eligible for LASIK so I may never have to wear them again!) But it’s me.


Day 6 – Breakfast

Day 6: Breakfast

I’m just going to be honest here.  Lots of days breakfast is a latte.  I now need caffeine to function after a little man wakes me up at 5 AM, even if he does let me go back to sleep for a little while before we actually get up.  This is my new favorite mug from Suzy.


Day 5 – Your handwriting

Day 5: Your handwriting

I don’t write many things out anymore.  Lists are the main thing.  Even then, often those go in my iPhone.

Some friends are leaving Shanghai and moving back to Germany.  In lieu of gifts, they requested money be donated so they could give it to two of their favorite charities.  I wanted to make them a heartfelt card so they knew we cared!

Day 3 – What You’re Reading

Day 3:  What You’re Reading

I read most things on my Kindle now (unless I’ve swapped books with someone) and a lot of my books are baby books!  I used Claire’s light box to take this photo.

Day 2 – Your Closet

I wasn’t excited about the theme today – who wants to take photos of wire hangers and clothes crammed into a small space?

Then I realized my jewelery closet would be perfect.  Many women here have custom made jewelery closets.  Mine is about 6 feet tall, with 22 hooks on the doors for necklaces and 10 shelves inside, with hundreds of velvet-lined dividers for earrings and bracelets.  (No, it’s not full.  Yet.) I chose all of the hardware and the finish.

Day 2: Your Closet



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