Prescription Pain

Warning: Rant ahead!!

So, today I got a prescription refilled. Gotta love this. About 2 years ago, my doctor gave me a prescription that she had tons of samples for because I didn’t have insurance. For months she gave me samples. When I did have insurance through work, they wouldn’t cover it for 11 months cause it was a pre-exisiting condition. So now, a year after that, I am excited cause it should be covered. Ha ha ha. Wrong. They want me to take a generic verison (which is not yet available.) So they say I should switch prescriptions instead. What a pain. So we just sucked it up and paid the $90.

Seriously, does this photo say $90 to you? Posted by Picasa

Broken Teapot

Previously I had posted a photo of the flowers that Boots had knocked off the kitchen table and shattered the vase of. Well, shortly after she knocked my Grandma Timperley’s teapot off of our fridge and smashed it to pieces. These are only the big pieces. I have the rest of the china set, dinner plates, salad plates, bowls, teacups and saucers. But no teapot. :-( I have searched eBay and the internet to no avail. Guess the teapot is the largest and easiest to break! Posted by Picasa

A Picture Share!

I like this one of Bailey & Curns. It comes up on my Treo when Curns calls.

After the game…

This was right after finishing playing “the game.” It doesn’t have a name, but this is how it goes.

The teams are always Bailey vs. everyone else. Usually it is Jon and Curns playing. They stand in the kitchen, back by the fridge. Bailey stands in front of the 6 steps leading down to the family room (the goal). The boys kick a tennis ball around and try to get it past Bailey.

If the ball hits the family room floor, they get the point. If Bailey blocks the ball, she gets the point. She can catch it in the air, after one bounce, on the steps or steal it from them. Whoever hits seven points first, wins. The boys pass to each other, try to fake her out and use various methods of launching or rolling the ball with their feet.

They kick, Bailey grabs the ball and prances in a circle twice before releasing the ball for the next play. Play can be temporarily suspended when the ball gets soaking wet from dog drool.

Bailey usually wins. Posted by Picasa

A Picture Share!

Today we showed Jon's family Daktronics, where we work in Brookings. This is Jon in front of a video board, taken with my Treo.

Waterfall in Brazil

This is not my photo – it was taken by my dad in Brazil. He just got back today. It was his first time overseas and a great experience (and his first long trip with a digital camera). This photo is just like it was when it came out of the camera. I love the framing, blue sky, boats and lush green in the photo. What a beautiful scene – way to go dad! Posted by Picasa


I was thinking about entering this for the “Shadow” speed challenge at DCP, but I think it would get creamed. It just isn’t sharp enough. I didn’t think that taking a picture of your shadow could be so hard. My camera wouldn’t focus, and I couldn’t be composing the photo and in it at the same time! The desk lamps also didn’t cut it. We took down our super-bright aquarium light to use, but that washed out all of the shadows. *sigh*

It may be a crappy photo, but at least I took it today. :-)

Can’t wait to go camping tomorrow. Beautiful scenery, fires, etc. Should make for some decent photos. However, it means that I will not get to process or post until Monday. So…. don’t expect anything for a couple days. Posted by Picasa


More drinks photos – foaming beer. Posted by Picasa

Tall Beer with Olives

Jon and Curns are watching the Presidental address on Matt’s new 52 inch TV. I’ll be joining them soon – Jon forgot to bring a few beers. :-)

I thought that I needed to photograph the beer before I came. Jon built a bar in our basement, complete with shiny bar top, foosball table, dartboard, and mirrors behind the bar. I need to create some art for the bar, so perhaps my next mini-series will be drinks. We’ll see.

Does anyone else put olives in their beer? I’ve heard it was a mid-west thing or maybe even a South Dakota thing. I am more of a wine drinker, but I like beer with olives. Posted by Picasa

Wilting White Roses

My friend Amanda works at the Washington Pavillion as an events coordinator. She had a bridal show on Sunday and gave me these roses left over from it. There was one condition – I had to return the beautiful, three-foot tall vase they were in. No problem. I’m trusty-worthy.

While we were at work, our cat jumped on the table, knocking the vase and flowers to the floor and shattering the top foot of the vase. We came home to find glass shards in a 10-foot radius around the table. BAD, BAD KITTY!!

I was able to salvage some roses to photograph, at least. I feel terrible about the vase though. Sorry Amanda!! Posted by Picasa

Today we went to Target to pick up a couple things for our trip next weekend. We happened to see a small version of a 8-foot tall tree that our friends Neal and Becky had given us when they moved to North Dakota. We decided to plant a few more of these little guys in with the tree. It’s so much fun to watch things grow. Grandma Creta is coming in 2 weeks – she has an amazingly green thumb. She has started all of our plants for us, with the exception of this plant and tree. Her house is overflowing with green and her kitchen windowstill always has new cuttings on it. We’re glad that she shares with us! Posted by Picasa

Travel Books

We have a lot of travel books. We’ve decided we can go somewhere in a few months – yeah!! I am so excited. But now… where to go?? We both think somewhere nice and warm! Hawaii? The Greek Islands again? Maybe South America? So many choices….

These books have been put to use many times and have been crammed in carted around in our packs for months. Except the Japan one. We were going to teach English there but decided not to go. Maybe the “1000 Places to See Before You Die” book will give me some inspiration. I am definitely thinking WARM though…. and we are budget travelers so no high-end resorts or stuff like that. Suggestions are welcome!! Posted by Picasa

Well, I tried something different today. This is my Treo 650 with the Accented Edges filter in PS. It was hard to get a clear shot of the keys – the backlighting threw the focus off, I think. Or else the light kind of spilled over and illuminated everything else too. So… I played in PS a bit and this is what I came up with. I love my Treo. Email and web surfing in the palm of my hand! Posted by Picasa

Bed Post

This is one of the posts on our four poster bed. It was our Christmas present to ourselves, and it is just beautiful. The bedroom is not large enough for me to get the entire bed in at once, so I thought I’d capture just part of this beautiful piece of furniture. Posted by Picasa


We had a really nice, good looking meal today. So I photographed it and may use it for the recipe challenge. If I end up not using it, I will post it right away, but if I do end up using it you’ll just have to wait until voting is over to have it posted here. Sorry!!


This apple is pretty boring. I decided to try some filters in PS rather than spend time reshooting. I need some decent lights! Posted by Picasa

Sleeping Pills

This is my way to kill the Crazy Frog. Sleeping pills may not be an original way to die, but I really liked the look of the gel pills.

I have to PS like crazy to get my backgrounds even remotely close to white. If anyone has any tips on lighting, please pass them on to him. It is sad, I know, but right now I am using two desk lamps and a white piece of tag board for backgrounds. Help! Posted by Picasa

What really makes the world go ’round?

My husband and I love to travel. Instead of taking a trip last year, we bought a house. So, this year, I am determined to go somewhere! I have been in 26 countries but only 14 states. Funny, isn’t it?

My parents got us this globe for Christmas. This photo is actually composed of two images. I overlaid the image of the globe still with one of it spinning, then played with the opacity of the layers. I wanted to be able to see the motion of it, yet make out the shape of the continents. This is my favorite photo I have posted on my PaD so far.

*sigh* My passport has not had a stamp in it for over a year. It makes me resless. If anyone is interested, our travel website is It hasn’t been updated in aboout a year and a half though.Posted by Picasa

Plant Cuttings

Plant cuttings in my kitchen window, looking out on a cold snowy day. Taken with my Treo 650.


Not a great photo. Our tree is gettting taken down tomorrow though. I’ve slept most of the day away and didn’t put nearly enough effort into this project today. I guess there is always tomorrow.Posted by Picasa

Starting January 1st…

I’ve decided to do it. I am an amatuer photographer and many of the members on DPChallenge have a photo-a-day project. I’ve decided to try this too. What a commitment to take and edit a photo every day. I think it will help me grow a lot as a photographer. The project starts on Jan 1st.


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