Mmmmm…. warm…..

She’s snuggling up to the back where the fan blows out hot air. Funny kitty. Posted by Picasa

Dinner time

More fish, this time they are eating. Fish are really hard to photograph but I’m pretty happy when I manage to capture them. I would love to go snorkeling or scuba diving and shoot saltwater fish. That would be amazing!! Posted by Picasa

Art of Art…

We have a print of Vermeer’s Girl with the Pearl Earring, which our friend Birgit cut into pieces and framed for us for our wedding present. Molly asked me to do something similar with one of Chief’s photos. It will be 18 different 5 x 7 photos in separate frames. Posted by Picasa

Noah in overalls

Julie and Rob brought Noah over for a photo session. I think we got some great pics. Click on the link for more of the session.

Noah’s photo session – I hope you like it! Posted by Picasa

Noah’s photo session

Noah’s photo session – I was a busy girl yesterday! Two photo sessions.

Karen’s Mosaic

This is a mosaic I made for Karen, all out of images from her wedding. So much fun!! Posted by Picasa

Close up of Mosaic

Here is a closeup of part of the Mosaic. Posted by Picasa

Mosaic software!!

This is the coolest thing ever!! I have always wanted to do a photo mosiac – well, I finally looked into it a bit more and found free software that does it! This photo should be familar – it was taken earlier. I used the software to create this mosiac. Each tile is another photo of Bailey and/or Curns. How cool is that!! Posted by Picasa

Baby steps

Baby feet are so cute! Posted by Picasa

Daddy & Baby Hands

Noah is such a great subject. I entered this at DPC. Don’t let it affect your voting. I appreciate all comments! Now I am wondering if I shouldn’t have entered the photo below. Any thoughts?

Thanks so much Rob and Julie for letting me take so many photos! Posted by Picasa

Family holding hands

This would have been my second choice for the challenge entry. I like the fact that both his mom and dad are in the photo too and he looking up at them. Posted by Picasa


He looks like he was posing here! Posted by Picasa

Noah 1

What a sweetheart! Julie discovered yesterday that he calmed down when he heard the water running in the bathtub. So, these are all taken in their bathroom with him laying on the top of his diaper-changing table. It worked!Posted by Picasa

Mad Noah

Upset baby here…. Posted by Picasa

Noah 2

Too cute! Posted by Picasa

Blogger issues

Apparently my blog is one of the ones that has been affected by the filter errors and server problems at Blogspot. The last update:

A clarification about the filer we restored yesterday: This machine is indeed up and functioning again, so the affected blogs are no longer entirely inaccessible. However, it is still not in great shape and we are in the process of moving all the data off of it and on to better machines. So over the next few days there may still be lingering and intermittent problems for some blogs. This includes the “forbidden” errors we’re all getting tired of, as well as occasional publishing errors, or incompletely published pages. If you get an error viewing a blog, refreshing the page once or twice should clear it. For publishing problems, simply wait a few minutes and republish, and that should take care of it. Thanks for your patience while we work on clearing all this up.

So, it works sometimes and sometimes doesn’t. Check back in a few days. Publishing is getting a bit frustrating. Oh well, can’t be helped!

Robert Noah Terrell

Robert the 7th will be called by his middle name, Noah. What a cutie! This photo is from my Treo. I added the dry brush filter in PS. I’m going to take family/baby photos for Rob and Julie and am very excited about it! Posted by Picasa

Beaters II

Kitchen utensils make interesting subjects, I think. Posted by Picasa

Egg and Beaters

Posted by Picasa


Beaters from the front. Posted by Picasa


One ingredient for the cookies. Posted by Picasa


The finished product. It really doesn’t look as good as they were. Posted by Picasa

Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough

I love eating raw cookie dough. Yummy. Posted by Picasa


My blog isn’t working!

EDIT: Ok, maybe it is now. I have had 3 reports of people not being able to get into my blog today or yesterday. Keep trying, I guess.

I took a photo of some yummy cookie dough today that I will post tomorrow. Yummy. Maybe tomorrow it will be some cookies. Or maybe some cooking utensils.

Sgt. Aaron Curns

One of my favorite portraits from this evening. Except I just noticed one thing– check out his left foot. His boots are locked in his trunk (which won’t open at all) so we did the shoot barefoot. Looks like I should have paid more attention to my cropping! Posted by Picasa

Sgt. Curns II

I should have had the light higher here. But I still like it a lot. Posted by Picasa

Curns – U.S. Army

I like this one because it identifies him just through the uniform. Posted by Picasa

Sgt Curns at Attention

Profile. Posted by Picasa


Well, I have not posted for about a week. Last week was crazy with work and I have also been trying to set up a portrait studio in my basement. I made backdrops and today we went to Home Depot to create lights. I’ll probably post more photos of the whole thing. So, here is my self portrait. This was taken the other day before I had the lights – not too bad!

So, I have failed at my Photo-A-Day attempt, but I am not going to stop trying. I figure all of the ones I did today make up for it. :-) I will continue to try to do the photo a day, and if it is not every day it will be close! Posted by Picasa


I love strawberries. I never seem to be able to quite capture the deliciousness of them though. Posted by Picasa


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