Matthew and Gavin

Matthew and his new little brother. Posted by Picasa

Tye Dye

Jeff finally got Matthew to cooperate by pretending they were twins – Jeff is sitting just off camera and Matthew is imitating him. Whew. Posted by Picasa

Matthew II

More Matthew. Posted by Picasa


Matthew turned 4 in February. This is an outfit his aunt Anya got for him in Africa. He would NOT stay still for half a second. It was a lot of work to get a couple good ones. :-) Posted by Picasa


This is Gavin! Posted by Picasa


I know dandelions are weeds, but they are fun to photograph. Posted by Picasa

Gavin & me

May 8th was Gavin’s birthday. This was taken when he was 5 days old.


This is Addyson, my friend Abbey’s daughter. Addyson is 10 months old. The Treo photo doesn’t do her justice – she has amazing eyes and the cutest little face and hair! Abbey and I only see each other about once every year.

I need to grow these

I want to grow tulips just so I can photograph them. This is straight out of the camera, no photoshopping at all. Posted by Picasa

Top of tulips

Tulips from the top. Posted by Picasa


Tulip’s in Spear’s front yard. The neighbor’s probably though I was crazy, almost standing on my head with my rear in the air. Posted by Picasa


Jon gave me flowers yesterday – just because. He’s pretty good at picking out various stems that go together. Posted by Picasa

May Day Basket

Crystal gave me a May Day basket at work today. It was so cool – traditional May Day basket meets modern designer. It was a clear plastic box filled with Skittles! “Taste the rainbow…” Yummy! and so pretty! Thanks Crystal! Posted by Picasa


I have been working on some of the wedding photos I took for Karol and Dan. There are so many – it’s a bit overwhelming! Posted by Picasa


The rings and bride’s bouquet. Posted by Picasa

Noah – 2 months

Today was Julie’s birthday so I offered to babysit Noah while they went to dinner. He’s two months old now! What a cutie. He was so good for me – just wanted to have his bottle and be rocked. Very easy. Not even any stinky diapers. They can ask me to babysit anytime!


He would not leave his hat on his head – it made for some really cute shots though! Posted by Picasa

So big!

More Evan! Posted by Picasa


This is Evan. He just turned 1 last week and his dad Matt works with me. Matt and his wife Amber brought Evan over for his photos on Sunday. They had a whole bag of tricks trying to get him to smile -singing, dancing, toys, etc. One thing that worked was Cheerios. That made me laugh because we have a photo of my husband Jon with a bag of marshmellows. The only way the photographer could get Jon NOT to cry was to let him have the marshmellows! How funny. This is my favorite from the session, I think. My backdrop was super-wrinkled and I hate it. I used the blur filter heavily on the background to get rid of the sharpest lines.

Here is his photo session. Posted by Picasa

You have new Picture Mail!

I gave a speech today at Toastmasters. I had Matt take this photo with my Treo 650 at the beginning of my speech and send it to my blog to illustrate mobile blogging. Fun!

More Billy & Mandy

I loved this photo session. Just in case you missed the link the first time: Posted by Picasa

More from Billy & Mandy’s engagement session. I hope to do more of these soon – it is so much fun to work with couples! Posted by Picasa

One more B & W one. Posted by Picasa


What a great couple! I could post a hundred photos of them. Instead, here is the link to their web gallery. Posted by Picasa

Billy and Mandy

I took engagment photos for Billy and Mandy today. They were SO fun to shoot! We went out to a little piece of land that Mandy’s dad owns for the shoot. I made them climb hay bales, run through the field, and sit on a flatbed. Mandy and I got attacked by ticks too but it was well worth it! They are so photogenic – I got some amazing photos! Posted by Picasa

2 GB

More memory…. :-) Posted by Picasa

Tough guys. Posted by Picasa

Too funny… Posted by Picasa

I barely talked Gilv and Jon into posing – they just bought new baseball gloves at Walmart. Posted by Picasa

My Studio

This is the latest backdrop that I’ve dyed. I like the way it turned out. I liked it so much that I actually re-dyed the last one I did using this method. You can also see my “studio lights” – not much now, but I am pouring more money into my camera, lenses, etc. that studio equipment right now. Posted by Picasa


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