Blue angels flying 18 inches apart – I think it looks like they are touching! Posted by Picasa

Ethanol-powered formation-flying planes Posted by Picasa

Planes from three wars Posted by Picasa

More of the ethanol planes Posted by Picasa

Flying would be cool. I used my 300 mm lens for all of these photos. Posted by Picasa

Wing walker on the top – she has to be slightly crazy!! Posted by Picasa

Fuel tanker taken with my fisheye lens Posted by Picasa

My fisheye lens came today!!!

Our house taken with the fisheye – it is an Peleng 8mm f3.5 Fisheye Lens. I can’t wait to use it for some landscapes! This is straight out of the camera – I need to learn to use it better right now… Posted by Picasa

master bedroom Posted by Picasa

Our bathroom…. complete with a vessel sink from eBay Posted by Picasa

 Posted by Picasa

 Posted by Picasa

 Posted by Picasa

The Taurus

Need a car?? Only $550!! It’s not the prettiest, but dependable. The Taurus will live forever!! We don’t need three cars though. :-) This was my photography effort for today. Maybe I should have put some sparkles on it in Photoshop? Posted by Picasa

I did Noah’s 3-month photos today. He wasn’t too smiley so his mom and dad laid on the floor and threw him (ok, maybe more like held him) up in the air so he thought he was up above everything and SO BIG! We got some cute shots! Posted by Picasa

Mandy and Billy

Mandy and Billy’s wedding was today! They were great to work with. Very casual, very fun! Posted by Picasa


This is one of my favorites of Austin. He got tired of photos and there were actually tears at one point. Poor kid. :-) He is pretty happy here. Here is the slideshow for Austin and Katie. Posted by Picasa


I’ve been working on Katie and Austin’s slideshow – their dad bugs me about it daily at work. :-) Posted by Picasa

I started out the day with taking Hunter’s 2-year photos. He is ALL boy in that all he plays with or talks about is cars, trucks and tractors. What a cutie. He really smiled when we let him “drive” an old car that his parents have restored. They have a beautiful house on a lake and we got some excellent outdoor shots today. Posted by Picasa

This is Molly. I work with her mom at Daktronics. Molly is 2 1/2 and such a cutie pie!! Posted by Picasa

Crystal and Karl

Tonight I did Crystal and Karl’s engagement photos. It was fun – we went to the Sylan theatre at SDSU and then McCory gardens. They are a great looking couple!! Posted by Picasa

Yeah!! I have Karol and Dan’s wedding slideshow done! I hope you like it! Posted by Picasa

Updated site

Crystal has updated my website for me – very very cool!! Check it out. It is still a bit of a work in progress, we are going to change a couple little things. Such as I like the galleries to open in a new window, so you can just close the window and be done with it. Any feed back is appreciated.

Order form on site

I have created a quick order form so you can order prints you like online. Test it out here. Simply enter your name, contact info and the number of the prints you’d like. I would really like some feedback on it. I am trying to find an easy, inexpensive (or free – I don’t want to raise print prices to pay for extra cost for online ordering) way for clients to order from me. And of course it can’t be confusing, which I am afraid this way is. Thoughts anyone? Please leave a comment.

I am a photographing fiend. Tomorrow I am doing a maternity shoot for our friend Jamie (it’s a boy!), June 5th I am shooting a golf tournament for a fundraiser for Junior Achievement, June 10th is Billy and Mandy’s wedding, June 11th is 3-month photos for Noah, and on the 16th our friends Hanna and Henrik come to visit from Sweden. We’re doing all kinds of fun things, like eating out and drinking wine, going to the Hills and basically showing them South Dakota and hanging out. Jon and I both took a whole week off work.

Shon and Lura’s Engagement Here you go Lura! What an easy couple to shoot. I hardly did any work at all in PS. The worst thing was that the light was too golden – it looked too warm.

Weekend with the Spear’s

The Spear’s are my best friends. I loved the weekend I spent with them right after Gavin was born. Enjoy your show!!

How cute is Katie? She just loved having her picture taken. The stupid sunspot bothers me here – I will probably take it out. Right after this photo I grabbed my polorizing filter and sun-screen thingy (words are escaping me now.) I can’t wait to get the slideshow finished for Austin and Katie. I wasn’t sure how many good ones I had of Austin, but turns out there was a ton of them. He has so much personality! Katie too. I have been working diligently on finishing up Karol and Dan’s wedding though, so these new shoots may have to wait a bit longer. Posted by Picasa

Katie and Austin

Next, Ted and Coreen brought over Katie and Austin. Katie was a total ham for the camera, but Austin wasn’t quite so enthused about getting his picture taken. We managed to get some good ones though. Posted by Picasa

Shon & Lura

Last for the day was Lura and Shon. They are getting married in September. We went to the Japanese Gardens for their shoot. Posted by Picasa

Baby in Dad’s hands

I have always wanted to do a shot similar to this. Posted by Picasa


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