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This is Alexis, Kristal's daughter. Shejust turned one and is really good at sign language.


My aunt Nancy is a quilter. She has embarked on a project to make a quilt for all of her nieces and nephews. I just got mine – it is beautiful! Very bright and so unique – the whole thing is borders around more borders. Mom even had this made into a card.
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Toddler T-shirts

Micah’s Christmas present from us.
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Ted has been helping me set up this application called Gallery on my website. It is up and functional, just have to tweak it a bit and move over all of the slideshows. It is really nice!!

Everyone will be able to order prints by using a drop down menu, and I like the nagivation through albums much better than slideshows. It has all of these amazing features that I won’t need – but it’s way cool!! The best thing is the shopping cart though.

Check it out at

Hackberry – Route 66

Jon, I and the Mustang in front of the Hackberry General store. The 2nd photo of us together on the trip. I bought a photo book of Route 66.

Grand Canyon in Fisheye

straight out of the camera.

Grand Canyon and Route 66

We got up at 6:30 and made it to the Grandview Point of the Grand Canyon by 7:30. We had to wait a few minutes until the sun peeked over the east edge. On the west edge, dark storm clouds were rolling in, and soon it started snowing. For the next couple hours, we drove along the edge, pulling over to take photos, as the weather went from light snow, to sun, to sleet and tiny tiny hail balls. We also saw a Japanese tourist trying to pet a male elk. With huge horns. A wild anial that had just happened to wander across the road. Another tourist shouted at her to get away before she got attacked though.

We ate at the Cafe Tuscayan and then headed towards Flagstaff. Suddenly we decided to drive the old Route 66. The longest continuous stretch is in Arizona, starting at Ash Fork, so we just did it. In many places it looks a lot like west river. We stopped at a few places, took photos, etc. In Hackenberry we stopped at a really neat place and met John, the owner and his dog Max. He told us that about 80% of the people driving 66 are European tourists. We bought a photography book on it.

Back in Flagstaff we checked into the hotel, drove some more of 66 looking for a diner to eat at (all were closed) and found a bar to grab a couple beers and some appetizers at. I had a Pear Cider to remember the good ol’ days in Sweden, when the only booze you could buy out of the Systembolagot was Apple and Pear Cider. (a very low alcohol content.)

We sat in the outdoor hot tub when we got back, which was pretty nice. Anything out of the water almost froze though – Flagstaff definitely has hints of winter.

Montezuma Castle and Sedona

We slept in today, then headed north. First stop was Montezuma Castle, which is actually cliff dwellings.
Then we went to Sedona and drove around the red rocks and took a ton of photos.

I didn’t bring my laptop so these photos are straight out of the camera. Only resized in Paint (high tech, really.) We are in Tuscayan tonight, which is a little town right by the Grand Canyon. We are going to attempt to get up prior to sunrise and be at the Grand Canyon for it. I hope we make it.

Rental Car

When Jon picked up the rental car in Phoenix Sunday, there wasn’t much left. So we have a brand-new Mustang. It’s pretty fun. It should have a moon roof though. And a V8 instead of a V6. :-)


So… today I got up late and missed my flight from FSD to MSP. There is one flight a day from MSP to Tucson, so I HAD to be on it. The guy changing my ticket assured me that if I hauled butt in MSP I could make it if I took the next flight. He was right.

Jon picked me up at the airport and we went to the desert museum just outside of Tucson. I have hundreds of photos of cacti. Then we went to Saguaro National Park and took lots of photos of the famous cacti.

We’re staying in Phoenix tonight and going to Sedona tomorrow.

Holiday Cards

Laura has just ordered her holiday cards. She asked me to put together a family photo and one of just Mya too. Above is what I came up with. (The border is one of the options for the cards.)
She emailed back, “Emily I LOVE IT, i almost started crying it looks just like what i imagined!” What a compliment. I just love being able to create images that people will look at with joy for years to come.

Happy Day!

Yay! Upgrading to the new version of Blogger fix the annoying problem of the sidebars being at the bottom of my page!

I’m still trying to play around with the layout. It said it would be a lot easier for people who couldn’t write HTML, but I don’t think it is that much better. To make my header and footer backgrounds different I had to go into the HTML…. oh well!

Website Down :-(

My website has been down for about a week – sorry for the inconvenience!! I now have a new host and part of the site back up. All of the slideshows need to be re-uploaded again and I hope to have it done this weekend. Thank you for your patience! Posted by Picasa

stupid blog

I am so frustrated at my blog! For some reason the sidebar keeps showing up at the bottom of my blog, instead of at the top like it used to. I didn’t change my code at all. The other day I changed my template, thinking that it would start the whole thing new. Nope. Didn’t work. Tonight I spent about 2 hours trying to read the code, randomly typing new HTML tags, comparing to other blogs’ code…. all to no use, as you can see.

A free 8×10 of any photo you wish if you can figure this out!!! Maybe more, I’m willing to bend if you can fix my blog!


Rebecca’s son Skylar – I think he has the blondest hair I’ve ever seen! What a little cutie. Taken Thursday with my Treo 650.

Updated website

I’ve been lazy about putting my recent photo sessions up. I’ve only been listing on my blog instead of on my site. So here is the link.

I hope to sometime get my galleries updated too. They are very out of date. Not this weekend – I’m doing senior photos for Zach on Saturday and my friend Dave is in town.

Happy Halloween!

Bo Peep and her Sheep (Jon and I.) Thanks Sarah for these photos!!! Posted by Picasa


Since tonight was the season premier of LOST, I decided to forgo any photos today. Priorities!

Wow, I love this show. It’s the only one I will actually plan anything around. Check out Sledgewigs link on the right for theories from other fans….

Fun LOST game –

LOST video –

I will try to get back into blogging more often… things have been a bit crazy here lately. Wedding season is over so should have a bit more shooting time eventually.

You have new Picture Mail!

This was a fountain in the plaza of the building we had training in.

Dak boards

I am a super-geek – these video boards are Daktronics boards. We are replacing the ones on the left with new video boards, and we run the Virgin boards from South Dakota. I work in our Network Operations Center that runs these… Posted by Picasa

Pacific Ocean

My first time on the west coast. This was the first time I was in the Pacific Ocean. Crazy, been to 26 countries but never California before… Posted by Picasa

You have new Picture Mail!

Here is a pic of the palm trees by the pool at the hotel in LA. I love it here!

VIP Lounge

We got a VIP tour of Grauman’s Chinese Theatre from Luis, who I’m working with to set up a data feed from the Theatre to Dak. Very cool. This is the VIP lounge at Grauman’s – many celebrities have been here.

I was in LA this week for Scala training and to meet with Grauman’s to discuss data feeds and content. It is really sunny in CA. I want to go back! Posted by Picasa


This friendly little caterpillar was near the cache too! Posted by Picasa

We went Geocaching today – found two but couldn’t find one. This is the bridge near one cache that was hidden in plain view. Posted by Picasa

Airshow in Sioux Falls

I have never been to an airshow before. Jon has, as he lived by Ellsworth Airforce Base (near Rapid City.) The Blue Angels were a highlight of the show. We had a lot of fun but got super sunburnt. :-( Posted by Picasa

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the tortoise (I think) is what they called this manuever Posted by Picasa

Blue Angels Posted by Picasa


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