San Fransico

Some streets in San Fransisco are really crazy steep!

It would be pretty cool to live on a boathouse.

Treasure Island

Dave used to live on this island so showed us around it. The island was created for an exhibition and then used as a naval base. Now everything is basically falling apart, but the views are really great!

Birds at the wharf

Alcatraz is in the background.

The Golden Gate Bridge

On Saturday Jon and I took Dave’s car and drove to the Golden Gate Bridge, then all around that area. It was nice to just drive again!

San Francisco is a very healthy town – we constantly saw people running and biking everywhere. At the park by the bridge, youth soccer tournaments were going on. It was pretty heavenly – perfect blue skies, sunny, green grass and a laid-back atmosphere.

The bridge usually has clouds over it, even if the rest of the weather is totally clear.

I read that this is the most popular place in the world to commit suicide.

Alcatraz Island – we tried to go see it Sunday but the tour was sold out until Monday. Next time we’ll book in advance.


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