Geocaching in Pudong

We went Geocaching today and got a FTF! (First To Find)  It was a micro cache; also known as an evil blinkie.  (Blink and you miss it.)  It’s about the size of a button and magnetic.

The sign says “No speel.”  It’s not a spelling mistake – look it up.  It actually means “climb.”

Longhua Cemetery of Revolutionary Martyrs 龙华烈士陵园

Sunday we went geocaching at the Longhua Cemetery of Revolutionary Martyrs. We spent a lot of time looking for the cache, due to the fact that I’d downloaded the coordinates several months ago and then they moved the cache to a new location! Good thing for smartphones with internet capibility to confirm coordinates with the website. Because of that, we didn’t get to look around as much as we’d have liked to – maybe another time.

2887 Longhua Xi Lu, Xuhui near Kaixuan Nan Lu
龙华西路2887号 近凯旋南路

I’ve never seen a Chinese guy with such rippling muscles!

One of the things where we shake our heads and say “Only in China.” I’m sure the sign says something like “Don’t be stupid and walk off this ledge.”

October 3rd – Geocaching

Geocaching in Belle Fourche

We took the family geocaching again. We found every cache we hadn’t found before in Belle. There were 10 of them.

Chance and Caleb

Some of the caches are very cleverly disguised. This one was in a golf ball!

Near the railroad tracks.

Belle has a huge bentonite plant. This was an old machine used to mine bentonite.

Zhongshan Park

Today Jon and I went Geocaching in Zhongshan Park. We did a multi-cache and a micro cache. Almost all of the caches in China are micro caches – due to the number of people they tend to get muggled frequently. It was the first time we’ve been geocaching in Shanghai, and the first time we’ve been to the park. We think in the summer the place must just be packed! We were surprised at the amount of people out and about today.
Balloon vendors are on many of the street corners, not just in the park.

I think it would be impossible to go to a park without see many people flying kites.

Ballroom dancing also can be seen many places. It is a form of excercise, just like Tai Chi. The Bund in the early morning is supposed to be the best place to see hundreds of people doing Tai Chi or ballroom dancing.

We were surprised at the number of activities in the park. We were really surprised to see the bumper boats going, with water spraying and squirt guns in the front of the boat. Too cold!!

This was a self-propelled ride. The two people in each cart had to pedal to make their way around the track. Jon repeated his vow to never go on a ride in China. There was also a small roller coaster. (It was really small, just a child’s ride.)

Tiananmen Square

Tianamen Square is absolutely huge! We were there when all of the party members were coming in for the national Communist Party Meeting so things were a little crazy! A lot of things were blocked off and security was everywhere.

Mao’s Mausoleum.

This is what is pretty gross about China. People (especially kids) will pee or poop anyway. Not in a bush, or grass, or on a tree. Anywhere in front of anyone. This mom helped her kid pee in Tiananmen Square! I saw another kid squatting in front of Mao’s Mausoleum! MAO’S TOMB! Nothing is sacred!

There was a virtual geocache at this monument that we logged too! We had to take a photo of us with the GPS to prove we were there.

Ming Tombs – Beijing

After the Great Wall, we visited the Ming Tombs. There are tombs for 13 emperors from the Ming Dynasty. Only 2 are open to the public. We went to Dingling, which is an underground mausoleum.

Then we went to the Sacred Way, which has animals on both sides of the wide paved path. It was nice and there was a virtual geocache there!

Inge, I and Jenny geocaching at port Rotterdam. Posted by Picasa


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