Ducks at the DC Booth Fish Hatchery Posted by Picasa

Mallard Duck

Mallard Duck Posted by Picasa

Devil’s Tower

Hanna and Henrik at Devil’s Tower Posted by Picasa

Prairie Dog

Prairie Dog at the town near Devil’s Tower Posted by Picasa

1963 1/2 Ford Falcon convertible

Jenni’s 1963 1/2 Ford Falcon convertible – let’s just say it made up a debt from many years ago! :-) Posted by Picasa

Mount Rushmore

Mt Rushmore Posted by Picasa


Look at the face! Posted by Picasa

Hanna and Henrik

Hanna and Henrik sillouted at the Badlands. Posted by Picasa

Badlands at Dusk

The Badlands at dusk. Posted by Picasa

Badlands II

Warm glow of the setting sun at the Badlands. Posted by Picasa


Mom and I went on a garden and winery tour today. These are some freshly watered marigolds at our first stop. Posted by Picasa

Fence and Moon

Taken while geocaching in Sioux Falls. Yeah, nice weather!! Posted by Picasa


It is SPRING in South Dakota!!! It’s been raining like crazy and green is popping up through all of the brown. I love spring and summer! Posted by Picasa

Windshield View of Bear Butte (August 2002)

At DPChallenge today, there was a 24-hour Speed Challenge. The suject was 2002. Basically, you could enter any photo taken in 2002. I searched my harddrive and found this. It was taken when we were moving from Nisland, SD (where my in-laws live and Jon and I lived during that summer) back to Brookings. I had an Olympus 1.3 megapixel camera. Now my PDA has a 1.3 megapixel camera in it. Amazing how quickly technology evolves. Posted by Picasa

Little Red Flowers

This will be the last one from the Butterfly House. The last one for now anyways! Posted by Picasa

Grandma Creta & Baby Butterfly

This little butterfly left his cocoon about 3 minutes before the photo. Grandma is about 45.6 million minutes old. (Give or take.) Crazy, huh? Posted by Picasa

Red Butterfly

Thought I would try something a bit different. The red in the flowers was about twice as vibrant in the original shot but I think it looks better toned down. Posted by Picasa

Big Flower, Little Butterfly

More butterfly photos – I like this purple one! Happy Valentine’s Day. Posted by Picasa

Butterfly II

Same type of butterfly, different photo! I like this one because of the flowers. This could be my new favorite photography site. Posted by Picasa


I took about a hundred photos in the Sertoma Butterfly House today. It was about 85 degrees in there – what a great break from the SD winter! The butterflies were just beautiful! I will probably post more photos later. It was an awesome place to spend a few hours with hundreds of beautiful butterflies floating around our heads in a green, tropical environment. Posted by Picasa

Falls in Winter

Jon’s mom, dad and grandma Creta came to visit. Of course we had to take them to the namesake of Sioux Falls! Posted by Picasa

I like flowing water shots. This water must be freezing – I like the way it looks with the snow on the ground. Posted by Picasa


I like the texture in these rocks. Posted by Picasa


The dark water and winter background made these geese look pretty bland, so I thought I’d try them in black and white. Shot with my 300 mm lens. Posted by Picasa


The sun was hitting these bright berries just right. Posted by Picasa

Cliff and Moon at Palisades

Doesn’t the title say it all? Posted by Picasa

Flowing Water

Well, I know this is a “Photo A Day” not five photos a day, but I thought I’d make an exception this once. The camping trip went well. It was really cold, but the cabin was very warm and nice so it made up for it! Posted by Picasa

Night Sky

I have always wanted to try the long exposure at night photo. This one was the first one I tried – the shutter was open for 47 minutes. I had to adjust the levels in photoshop to make the sky darker. The sky had turned too light during that long of exposure. Posted by Picasa

Rain in January

Today it rained. Hard.

In January, in South Dakota, this is against everything we’ve ever known. It should have been blizzarding and the snow should have shut everything down for a couple days. Instead, the gray sky pushed fat rain drops to the earth.

On Thanksgiving, it was so nice we almost left our winter coats at home. Fortunately we didn’t, because halfway through the six hour drive across the state we were stuck in a blizzard that shut down the interstate for two days and snapped hundreds of power lines. It left some people without power until after Christmas. Crazy.

And today, it rained as if it were April. Posted by Picasa

Bridge at Palisades State Park

Yesterday at lunch my husband told me he’d rented a camping cabin at Palisades State Park for the weekend. What a nice surprise! There was just an article in the paper about winter camping and how nice and peaceful it was.

Today we went to the park to check it out. This bridge was an easy walk from the cabin and the sun was setting so the light was shining perfectly on the rocks. I’m so excited – I’ll probably fill my whole memory card that weekend! Our friends Crystal (check out her blog here) and Karl are going to come too. I’m looking forward to hanging out by a fire, hiking and taking lots of photos. The only not-that-great part is that the restrooms are closed for the winter so we’ll have to use the vault toilets. They are made of metal – BRRRR!!! Posted by Picasa


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