Another time lapse

Yet another one… I think maybe they are all too similar!
But I still really like the view of Shanghai from our balcony.

Time laspe from the roof

Darkness falling over Shanghai

It’s not really a sunset due to the clouds and pollution!

More traffic

I should really find something else to do time lapses of. Traffic is pretty much the same all of the time. Unfortunately due to all of the pollution I don’t see any cool clouds. Maybe I’ll try to do 24 hours this weekend, on Sunday, when the pollution usually is at the lowest level of the week.


Construction on the new subway line near our apartment.

Sunrise over Shanghai

Another time lapse. This one was every 30 seconds.

Trial of Time Lapse Photography

My co-worker Abram told me about his roommate Nic doing time lapse photography, and I just had to try it out. Nic’s are way cooler than my first attempt here – but I’m learning! This is a test one to see if I could figure out how to put together all of the photos in AfterEffects. It is a series of photos taken every 3 seconds.


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