Travel Books

We have a lot of travel books. We’ve decided we can go somewhere in a few months – yeah!! I am so excited. But now… where to go?? We both think somewhere nice and warm! Hawaii? The Greek Islands again? Maybe South America? So many choices….

These books have been put to use many times and have been crammed in carted around in our packs for months. Except the Japan one. We were going to teach English there but decided not to go. Maybe the “1000 Places to See Before You Die” book will give me some inspiration. I am definitely thinking WARM though…. and we are budget travelers so no high-end resorts or stuff like that. Suggestions are welcome!! Posted by Picasa

Bed Post

This is one of the posts on our four poster bed. It was our Christmas present to ourselves, and it is just beautiful. The bedroom is not large enough for me to get the entire bed in at once, so I thought I’d capture just part of this beautiful piece of furniture. Posted by Picasa


Not a great photo. Our tree is gettting taken down tomorrow though. I’ve slept most of the day away and didn’t put nearly enough effort into this project today. I guess there is always tomorrow.Posted by Picasa

Starting January 1st…

I’ve decided to do it. I am an amatuer photographer and many of the members on DPChallenge have a photo-a-day project. I’ve decided to try this too. What a commitment to take and edit a photo every day. I think it will help me grow a lot as a photographer. The project starts on Jan 1st.


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