The wedding party Posted by Picasa

Becky and Jesse

Becky and Jesse have been trying me to get to shoot their engagement photos for about 2 months now – every time we would set a date it would be raining or something would come up. So finally we got to do it – It was 100 degrees out (no, seriously) and we all about MELTED! but we got it done! Posted by Picasa

Rose and Thomas

I shot my 3rd wedding of the summer today. Rose and Thomas took their photos in the Japanese Gardens, then we did the rest of the bridal party and family at the church. What a great couple!! This photo is directly out of the camera – no adjustments at all. Posted by Picasa

My fisheye lens came today!!!

Our house taken with the fisheye – it is an Peleng 8mm f3.5 Fisheye Lens. I can’t wait to use it for some landscapes! This is straight out of the camera – I need to learn to use it better right now… Posted by Picasa

Maternity photos

Jami and I looked at her maternity photos tonight. Here is her slideshow. Erroll was just born – 6 pounds 10 oz baby boy!! Posted by Picasa


I’ve been working on Noah’s 3-month-old photos. What a cute little guy. He decided he was just going to chill out instead of being all smiley and giggley. Posted by Picasa


Here is Molly’s slideshow. I’m glad we had a day off over the 4th of July so I could finish Molly and Hunter’s slideshows. I took their photos in June – I am sure their parent’s wanted to see them! Posted by Picasa


How cute is Hunter? This is one of my favorites. I took his 2-year-old photos in June. Here is his slideshow! Posted by Picasa

Today I took photos of my friend Lynette’s month-old son. What a cutie! Posted by Picasa

SDSU President Peggy Gordon-Miller

I took photos of the ribbon-cutting ceremony for SDSU’s new alumni office building in downtown Sioux Falls. I really like this shot of President Peggy Gordon-Miller. Posted by Picasa

Crystal and Karl

Crystal and Karl’s slideshow is finished!! This was probably the least I have ever had to post-process – the photos were GREAT!!! Posted by Picasa

Mandy and Billy

Mandy and Billy’s wedding was today! They were great to work with. Very casual, very fun! Posted by Picasa


This is one of my favorites of Austin. He got tired of photos and there were actually tears at one point. Poor kid. :-) He is pretty happy here. Here is the slideshow for Austin and Katie. Posted by Picasa


I’ve been working on Katie and Austin’s slideshow – their dad bugs me about it daily at work. :-) Posted by Picasa

Crystal and Karl

Tonight I did Crystal and Karl’s engagement photos. It was fun – we went to the Sylan theatre at SDSU and then McCory gardens. They are a great looking couple!! Posted by Picasa

Updated site

Crystal has updated my website for me – very very cool!! Check it out. It is still a bit of a work in progress, we are going to change a couple little things. Such as I like the galleries to open in a new window, so you can just close the window and be done with it. Any feed back is appreciated.

Order form on site

I have created a quick order form so you can order prints you like online. Test it out here. Simply enter your name, contact info and the number of the prints you’d like. I would really like some feedback on it. I am trying to find an easy, inexpensive (or free – I don’t want to raise print prices to pay for extra cost for online ordering) way for clients to order from me. And of course it can’t be confusing, which I am afraid this way is. Thoughts anyone? Please leave a comment.

I am a photographing fiend. Tomorrow I am doing a maternity shoot for our friend Jamie (it’s a boy!), June 5th I am shooting a golf tournament for a fundraiser for Junior Achievement, June 10th is Billy and Mandy’s wedding, June 11th is 3-month photos for Noah, and on the 16th our friends Hanna and Henrik come to visit from Sweden. We’re doing all kinds of fun things, like eating out and drinking wine, going to the Hills and basically showing them South Dakota and hanging out. Jon and I both took a whole week off work.

Shon and Lura’s Engagement Here you go Lura! What an easy couple to shoot. I hardly did any work at all in PS. The worst thing was that the light was too golden – it looked too warm.

Katie and Austin

Next, Ted and Coreen brought over Katie and Austin. Katie was a total ham for the camera, but Austin wasn’t quite so enthused about getting his picture taken. We managed to get some good ones though. Posted by Picasa

Shon & Lura

Last for the day was Lura and Shon. They are getting married in September. We went to the Japanese Gardens for their shoot. Posted by Picasa

Baby in Dad’s hands

I have always wanted to do a shot similar to this. Posted by Picasa


I have been working on some of the wedding photos I took for Karol and Dan. There are so many – it’s a bit overwhelming! Posted by Picasa

2 GB

More memory…. :-) Posted by Picasa

My Studio

This is the latest backdrop that I’ve dyed. I like the way it turned out. I liked it so much that I actually re-dyed the last one I did using this method. You can also see my “studio lights” – not much now, but I am pouring more money into my camera, lenses, etc. that studio equipment right now. Posted by Picasa

Karen’s Mosaic

This is a mosaic I made for Karen, all out of images from her wedding. So much fun!! Posted by Picasa

Close up of Mosaic

Here is a closeup of part of the Mosaic. Posted by Picasa

Mosaic software!!

This is the coolest thing ever!! I have always wanted to do a photo mosiac – well, I finally looked into it a bit more and found free software that does it! This photo should be familar – it was taken earlier. I used the software to create this mosiac. Each tile is another photo of Bailey and/or Curns. How cool is that!! Posted by Picasa


Well, I have not posted for about a week. Last week was crazy with work and I have also been trying to set up a portrait studio in my basement. I made backdrops and today we went to Home Depot to create lights. I’ll probably post more photos of the whole thing. So, here is my self portrait. This was taken the other day before I had the lights – not too bad!

So, I have failed at my Photo-A-Day attempt, but I am not going to stop trying. I figure all of the ones I did today make up for it. :-) I will continue to try to do the photo a day, and if it is not every day it will be close! Posted by Picasa


I was thinking about entering this for the “Shadow” speed challenge at DCP, but I think it would get creamed. It just isn’t sharp enough. I didn’t think that taking a picture of your shadow could be so hard. My camera wouldn’t focus, and I couldn’t be composing the photo and in it at the same time! The desk lamps also didn’t cut it. We took down our super-bright aquarium light to use, but that washed out all of the shadows. *sigh*

It may be a crappy photo, but at least I took it today. :-)

Can’t wait to go camping tomorrow. Beautiful scenery, fires, etc. Should make for some decent photos. However, it means that I will not get to process or post until Monday. So…. don’t expect anything for a couple days. Posted by Picasa

Tall Beer with Olives

Jon and Curns are watching the Presidental address on Matt’s new 52 inch TV. I’ll be joining them soon – Jon forgot to bring a few beers. :-)

I thought that I needed to photograph the beer before I came. Jon built a bar in our basement, complete with shiny bar top, foosball table, dartboard, and mirrors behind the bar. I need to create some art for the bar, so perhaps my next mini-series will be drinks. We’ll see.

Does anyone else put olives in their beer? I’ve heard it was a mid-west thing or maybe even a South Dakota thing. I am more of a wine drinker, but I like beer with olives. Posted by Picasa


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