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I’ve been lazy about putting my recent photo sessions up. I’ve only been listing on my blog instead of on my site. So here is the link.

I hope to sometime get my galleries updated too. They are very out of date. Not this weekend – I’m doing senior photos for Zach on Saturday and my friend Dave is in town.

Crystal was probably the most expresive bride I have had the pleasure of photographing… It made for some great shots! Posted by Picasa

Yay! I finished Crystal and Karl’s wedding photos tonight! They are going to be happy…. Posted by Picasa

We also went to the Beef Unit at SDSU for some photos. Posted by Picasa

I took portaits of Charlie Thompson today for the SDSU Alumni magazine. He did the website for the Opportunity Farm.  Posted by Picasa

Photo shoot for SDSU Alumni magazine

My friend Lura is a free lance journalist and does stories for the SDSU Foundation. Today I took photos for a story she did about the SDSU Foundation farm near Lennox. Bryan is an Ag Engineer who designed and built this shed. He had to account for everything from snow load to wind. The front is special material that lets the light in, so the cattle aren’t spooked by going into a shadowed area they can’t see. Look for the article in the Foundation Magazine. Posted by Picasa

Bryan closer Posted by Picasa

Shed with the fisheye lens Posted by Picasa

Wedding Slideshow

Tonight Rose came over and recieved her wedding photos. Here is their slideshow.

Friends and family may use my online order form to order prints. Feel free to email me with any questions! If you order online, I will contact you to discuss the order prior to getting it printed.Posted by Picasa


The bridesmaids… all beautiful!! Posted by Picasa

Lura’s Bridesmaids

Lura and her bridesmaids. Tiffany (far left) took almost all of the wedding photos, except for the ones she needed to be in. Posted by Picasa

Lura and Shon’s wedding party… Posted by Picasa

Mom and Dad to-be… Posted by Picasa


Jenny’s baby boy was born only a few days after the photo shoot! Here is her full slideshow. Posted by Picasa

Another of Rose… Posted by Picasa

Karl and Crystal did a modern version of the unity candle with sand – very cool!! Posted by Picasa

I’ve been working on Jenny’s maternity photos for a couple days now. And they are finished! I’ll share the slideshow after I recieve permission from her. Posted by Picasa

Jenny looked great against the white background. Posted by Picasa

This is Rose – I am working on their wedding photos now. Posted by Picasa

Aren’t they a good looking couple?? You’d never guess it was over 100 degrees out form the photo. :-) Posted by Picasa

Becky and Jesse’s Engagement

Here is Becky and Jesse’s slideshow! I did their engagement photos a couple weeks ago. It was over 100 degrees – we were all sweating like crazy the whole time! But they turned out great anyway. :-) Posted by Picasa

Little baby!!

I finished Braeden’s 1 month photos last night. He is adorable!! What a cute little bug in his bright orange bibs. Posted by Picasa



I finished Noah’s 3-month-old photos today. I really like these in black and white. Posted by Picasa

Noah – what a cutie! Here is his slideshow. Posted by Picasa

Billy and Mandy

I finished their wedding photos today. I think I will wait to post their slideshow until I can show them their book first though. Posted by Picasa

Cutting the cake – I love the look on Mandy’s face! Posted by Picasa

The back of Mandy’s dress was beautiful… Posted by Picasa

Burt and Jenny

I did a shoot tonight with Jenny and her husband Burt. They are going to have a baby boy any time now! We got some really good shots and I can’t wait to get their slideshow done! Posted by Picasa

Crystal and Karl

Crystal is the one in the white dress. :-) Congratulations!!! Posted by Picasa


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