Fernholz card

I made this card last night. Jenny wanted a card that was pretty generic, as she wasn’t sure when she was going to get a chance to send them out. She said, “really just pick anything” so it will be a total surprise when she gets them in the mail. I had fun with photoshop filters for the background.

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Wright photos

I finished the Wright family photos today. Here is their album. It’s the first one to be only made with Gallery and is only on the new “view my photos” page.

Sorry if some of my old links do not work. I have tried to make sure they all do, but I am sure I missed some. Please email me if you can’t view a slideshow anymore, or else try looking at

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Wright Family Photos

I took family photos for the Wright family on the 27th. Two grandparents, four kids and their spouses, and seven grandkids between 5 and 6 1/2 weeks. Very fun!! This outtake captures the shoot pretty well. The parents were a huge help in getting the seven kids and babies situated and looking at me. I’m excited to get all of the photos done.
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Rose – Maternity

I have a problem.

I take way more photos than anyone should. *sigh* Tonight I took 281 photos during a maternity session. *sigh* Thank god I’m not still shooting film. BUT – I did get some really awesome shots! Rose and Thomas are going to have a really hard time picking out prints. Here are a couple good ones.


Ted has been helping me set up this application called Gallery on my website. It is up and functional, just have to tweak it a bit and move over all of the slideshows. It is really nice!!

Everyone will be able to order prints by using a drop down menu, and I like the nagivation through albums much better than slideshows. It has all of these amazing features that I won’t need – but it’s way cool!! The best thing is the shopping cart though.

Check it out at

Kulm Family

Fernholz Family

Here is the link to their proofs.

Fernholz photos

Still working on them. Almost done. The Kulm’s are next!

Weisbeck Christmas Card

I snapped these shots at Crystal and Karl’s wedding and Karen decided to use them for her Christmas card. I just got them back – they turned out great! I am so happy with my printer. They are clear, crisp and great color.


I just finished their slideshow. (Is it still a slideshow if you have to manually advance it? I hope so.) Yes, it is almost 1 AM. I may have a Red Bull for breakfast. Enjoy Jenny!

Fernholz Family

This evening I took family photos for the Fernholz’s. What a great-looking family!! I love this mother/daughter photo. Chad was not too happy about having so many photos taken, but he pulled through. Laney was very photogenic and not shy at all. I can’t wait to finish all of them!

Lance and Shelby

I took these Sunday afternoon – cute!! Shelby was much more interested in chasing the kitty than sitting still though.

Holiday Cards

Laura has just ordered her holiday cards. She asked me to put together a family photo and one of just Mya too. Above is what I came up with. (The border is one of the options for the cards.)
She emailed back, “Emily I LOVE IT, i almost started crying it looks just like what i imagined!” What a compliment. I just love being able to create images that people will look at with joy for years to come.


Here is the Spader slideshow!

Things are changing in my world… Hello doesn’t seem to work anymore with Blogger. Darn. It was SO easy to upload and resize. I’m a big fan of drag and drop (which Hello could do) versus having to attach files manually (which I have to do now.)

Most of my website is back up, however the order form is not working yet. If you need to order prints, please email me instead.



I got Zach’s senior photos uploaded today. I am trying to find a better way to do photo galleries – I don’t really like the slideshows right now. I’d like more control over them!! Anyway, here is Zach’s slideshowPosted by Picasa

Spader’s Reshoot

Round II – We decided to reshoot the Spader family. I am SO glad we did – we started about 4:30 this time and the light was hundreds of times better. I’m really happy with lots of these photos. Posted by Picasa

This is probably my favorite from the shoot – what a great big brother/little sister shot! Posted by Picasa

Moses and Carol Posted by Picasa

John and Macy Posted by Picasa

The Spader Family

Macy and Micah with the pony Posted by Picasa

Spaders with their horses Posted by Picasa

in the shade instead of the bright sun… Posted by Picasa

The lighting was so harsh for this shoot – we may try again!  Posted by Picasa

Spaders in sepia Posted by Picasa


I spent way too much time doing this. It’s a nice overview of this year’s photos so far though!

Hejl Family

The Hejl family – I played around with filters a bit for them. Their slideshow: Posted by Picasa


I met with Billy and Mandy on Tuesday to give them their photos. It was really fun to watch Mandy re-live the day again. Here is their slideshow. Posted by Picasa

Lance & Jenny

Jenny & her baby Lance at the etc. Expo. Lura, Jenny and I went to check things out. We were a bit late for the wine tasting though and there was no room left inside though. So instead we checked out all of the booths, sampled gelato (not like Italy’s no matter what they claim), picked up free chocolate, tried about 4 different wines, and had some gourmet hot chocolate. Yummy. There were a couple photographer’s with booths – maybe next year. Taken with my Treo.


Mya definitely wins the award for the happiest baby I have ever photographed!! She is so darn cute!! Posted by Picasa

I took photos for the Hejl family last weekend – we snuck them in on the last nice day of the year, I think. Posted by Picasa


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