One rainy day we went to Örebro. We walked through Wadköping, which is an open-air museum. They moved in old buildings to create Wadköping, which was a fictional place created by an author.

I Heart Faces Beach Entry

I decided to enter this at the last moment… at least it will be a lot different than all of the cute kids at the beach! This is in Thailand – a local is pulling up the anchor from a boat full of tourists.

My favorite sunset photo from Sweden

This was taken at 10 PM on the day we arrived in Sweden. We were driving to the cabin and we just had to pull over to take a photo – it was beautiful!

New version of lightning

I think I like this one better.  The city looks a lot more “shiny” and less gloomy. 

What do you think?

One of my coolest photos ever!

Last night, lighting was flashing outside. I have been trying to get a good lightning photo for a very long time! I set my camera to take a 13 second exposure with an aperture of 22, and just kept releasing the shutter. (The shutter just needs to stay open and you hope to catch something!)

What is really crazy is that you can see it HITTING the Pearl TV tower!

Photo Contest

Mom just told me that I won a photo contest!

It was called “Between Fences” and it went along with a Smithsonian Institution traveling exhibition that was at the Miner County Rural Life Museum in Howard (my hometown in South Dakota.) Above is the news article about the contest.

I won the adult category with this photo I’d taken when I was back home and fixed fence with Dad. Someone involved in the contest told mom that the judge picked my photo as 1st right away, then had a harder time picking out the 2nd and 3rd places. It’s not a huge prize or lots of fame, but I’m happy!

Sihouette entry for I Heart Faces contest

This is my favorite silhouette photo – it’s Hanna and Henrik in the Badlands!


Align Center

I just LOVE my Canon 5D MarkII!!

Clipping Mask

My mom and I went to her quilting group on Tuesday, but I taught her a little in Photoshop instead of quilting. I learned from my HS art teacher how to use a clipping mask in PS. The high school kids get to take Photoshop classes now. How cool is that!

Photo Mall

The address of the 6-story photo mall that I always go to is:

Shanghai Xingguang Photo Gear Mall, No. 288, Luban Road, at the corner of LuBan Lu and XieTu Lu 上海市泸湾区鲁班路288号上海星光摄影器材城

You can take the metro Line 4 to LuBan Station. It is then 2 blocks away on the corner of Lu Ban Lu and Xie Tu Lu.

Jon’s old camera had a sensor that went bad. Almost every other line of pixels was white.

150 RMB and an hour and a half later, everything worked perfectly again! We are amazed at what people can fix over here. In the US no one would have suggested to attempt to fix it; just throw it out.Align Center

Park in Nanxiang

Sensor dust – gone!

Today we went to the photo mall with William. He picked up a nice lens, I picked up a Canon 5D Mark II, we got Jon’s old camera fixed, and I got my Rebel XT sensor cleaned. That’s supposed to be pretty dangerous to do, but the guy there did it in about 3 minutes for 100 RMB. No problems at all.

Before – the black dots are where all of the dust was.

After – nothing!!

Springtime in Shanghai

Here are some more photos from geocaching on Sunday.

I Heart Faces photo contest

I read a lot of photography blogs, and recently discovered one called”I Heart Faces.” It seems to be a lot of blogging moms with photos of their kids – not me, but I like faces and contests so I think I will attempt to enter some. They have two photo contests each week. This week is “Pout” and “Pets.”

This is probably the best pout I have.

Click on the button below to check out their blog.

Food Photography

My friend Bonnie started her own business here, doing custom baking for other expats. I volunteered to shoot her goodies for her brochure. I got to take home samples of each of her offerings… YUMMY!

Canvas prints

Last week at the photo mall, we printed a couple photos on canvas. It cost 120 RMB ($17) for a 30 x 40 inch print. It actually cost more to get it stretched across a custom-made frame.

I took this photo near the Minor farm outside of Nisland.

Dawn til Dusk

Photojojo has an article today about taking photos of a city from Dawn until Dusk. It’s a pretty interesting concept.

I think in Shanghai you could do it all 24 hours – something is always happening. It would make a good coffee table book. Any other photographers willing to try this sometime? WoAi, Swiss James, Dingle…. I think all of you are photographers!

Another time lapse

Yet another one… I think maybe they are all too similar!
But I still really like the view of Shanghai from our balcony.

Time laspe from the roof

Darkness falling over Shanghai

It’s not really a sunset due to the clouds and pollution!

More traffic

I should really find something else to do time lapses of. Traffic is pretty much the same all of the time. Unfortunately due to all of the pollution I don’t see any cool clouds. Maybe I’ll try to do 24 hours this weekend, on Sunday, when the pollution usually is at the lowest level of the week.


Construction on the new subway line near our apartment.

Sunrise over Shanghai

Another time lapse. This one was every 30 seconds.

Trial of Time Lapse Photography

My co-worker Abram told me about his roommate Nic doing time lapse photography, and I just had to try it out. Nic’s are way cooler than my first attempt here – but I’m learning! This is a test one to see if I could figure out how to put together all of the photos in AfterEffects. It is a series of photos taken every 3 seconds.

Beijing Photography

These are a couple of my favorite photos from the Beijing trip.

We were too late to go to the Forbidden City, but I got a great photo of one of the towers. Daktronics has a project there and one of the guys will give us a private tour. He has worked there for many years and even gave Jon a book of his own photography of the city he had published!

This was the passage from the Forbidden City to Tianamen Square. Thousands of people were packed into it as the Forbidden City was closing.

Need help – What should I enter?

The Outdoor Campus is having a photography contest. I am going to do 2 categories for sure, Prairie Landscapes and Prairie Animals. Which of the above should I enter for Prairie Landscapes? Please vote by leaving a comment. Also, please vote for an animal below.


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I need you to vote!

Which of the four do you like best? Leave your vote in the comment section. Thanks!

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Frost on my window

This morning when I opened the curtains I noticed the frost covering the window. It was really pretty so I decided to take the time to get my camera, put on my F1.8 50mm lens and shoot. This is the result. I did bring the background up and intensify the blue quite a bit in PS. I wish that I had a macro lens.

Desktop Wallpaper

Yesterday my co-workers were looking at my photographs. Previously I’d given some of them a few photos to use as desktop backgrounds. Due to popular demand, I put my name and website on several of them and formatted them to fit our widescreen laptops. So now Jamie has the sleeping pills, Autum has the cookie and milk, Jessie has the Falls in Black and White, and I have my travel books.

If you’d like one for your desktop, please email me which one you’d like and what resolution your display is set at. I won’t post full-size images here because they are too easy to steal, but I’d be happy to send one to you!

Here is another one. These made me realize I need to do more stock photography. When I was still doing the Photo-A-Day project, it made me look at everything more creatively to try to get in a good photo every day.

Rose’s Maternity

I love maternity photos. Rose had a baby boy! I can’t wait to see him. Here is their full shoot.


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