Rose’s Maternity

I love maternity photos. Rose had a baby boy! I can’t wait to see him. Here is their full shoot.

Rose – Maternity

I have a problem.

I take way more photos than anyone should. *sigh* Tonight I took 281 photos during a maternity session. *sigh* Thank god I’m not still shooting film. BUT – I did get some really awesome shots! Rose and Thomas are going to have a really hard time picking out prints. Here are a couple good ones.

Mom and Dad to-be… Posted by Picasa


Jenny’s baby boy was born only a few days after the photo shoot! Here is her full slideshow. Posted by Picasa

I’ve been working on Jenny’s maternity photos for a couple days now. And they are finished! I’ll share the slideshow after I recieve permission from her. Posted by Picasa

Jenny looked great against the white background. Posted by Picasa

Burt and Jenny

I did a shoot tonight with Jenny and her husband Burt. They are going to have a baby boy any time now! We got some really good shots and I can’t wait to get their slideshow done! Posted by Picasa


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