Lightning hitting the Bottle Opener (SWFC)


I am obsessed with catching lightning.  I got about 20 bolts today in about 1,000 frames.


These shoes were lined up in the window of a big house in the botanical gardens in Kunming.  It looked like a lot of workers lived there.  A lot of the gardens themselves were very dry and not in bloom, but I think this photo made the trip out there worth it!

The new best lightning photo

I thought it was special to get lightning shots before, but it’s actually not that hard.  Basically, you keep the shutter open and hope a bolt appears in at least a few photos.


This one hit really close.  This photo is not Photoshopped (well, basic levels and cloning out some dust.)

huge bolt zoom

Close up, lightning looks just awesome!  You can see little white particles of energy all around in the air.

More lightning strikes

Last week it poured rain every afternoon.  Along with the rain came a few huge lightning storms!  I took a couple hundred photos, and captured about eight different strikes.

pearl bolt

Who said lightning never strikes in the same place twice?  I have two photos of it hitting the Pearl TV Tower now, and saw it happen close-up another time.

lightning_smaller_bolts copy2

This is a composite of five different photos.


You can see that each one is hitting a building!

More lightning photos to be posted tomorrow.

My favorite sunset photo from Sweden

This was taken at 10 PM on the day we arrived in Sweden. We were driving to the cabin and we just had to pull over to take a photo – it was beautiful!

New version of lightning

I think I like this one better.  The city looks a lot more “shiny” and less gloomy. 

What do you think?

One of my coolest photos ever!

Last night, lighting was flashing outside. I have been trying to get a good lightning photo for a very long time! I set my camera to take a 13 second exposure with an aperture of 22, and just kept releasing the shutter. (The shutter just needs to stay open and you hope to catch something!)

What is really crazy is that you can see it HITTING the Pearl TV tower!

Photo Contest

Mom just told me that I won a photo contest!

It was called “Between Fences” and it went along with a Smithsonian Institution traveling exhibition that was at the Miner County Rural Life Museum in Howard (my hometown in South Dakota.) Above is the news article about the contest.

I won the adult category with this photo I’d taken when I was back home and fixed fence with Dad. Someone involved in the contest told mom that the judge picked my photo as 1st right away, then had a harder time picking out the 2nd and 3rd places. It’s not a huge prize or lots of fame, but I’m happy!

Beijing Photography

These are a couple of my favorite photos from the Beijing trip.

We were too late to go to the Forbidden City, but I got a great photo of one of the towers. Daktronics has a project there and one of the guys will give us a private tour. He has worked there for many years and even gave Jon a book of his own photography of the city he had published!

This was the passage from the Forbidden City to Tianamen Square. Thousands of people were packed into it as the Forbidden City was closing.


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