Bailey 6

OK, this really will be the final one. I think it is better than the first one, so this one will replace that one in the series when I get them printed out. First Curns has to have the money to buy a few frames. :-) Posted by Picasa

This will be the final photo in my Bailey series. She was fun to shoot! I hope I have enough variety and show the various “emotions” she has. Posted by Picasa

I love this photo – the look on her face is great! She was letting the ball drop out of her mouth – too funny! If I have this in a series of five black and whites, do you think the bright yellow tennis ball is OK? Thanks for the comments! Posted by Picasa

Bailey – Sad Eyes

This was at the “will you please stop flashing that light in my eyes and just throw the ball?” stage. Posted by Picasa

Bailey – BANG!

Bailey is doing her “play dead” trick. She loves showing off. She doesn’t look very dead though. I had to get rid of part of a bookshelf in the top left corner and I am not sure I am too happy with the results. Any suggestions? Posted by Picasa


Bailey is a springer spaniel. She LOVES to play fetch with a tennis ball and absolutely will never stop retrieving the ball, no matter how exhausted she gets. She knows several tricks. The newest one goes like this: She sits and lies down, then you pull your hand out of your pocket and use it to mimic a gun. You look at her and shoot her, saying BANG! Then she’ll roll over on her back with her paws in the air. Pretty cute. Her owner is a friend of ours, Aaron. They moved in a few months ago four houses down the street.

I’m going to be taking more photos of her, I’m sure. Typcial bachelor, Aaron doesn’t have any photos or art on the walls. I want to do a series of Bailey to hang across a wall (about five 8x10s, I think), and tonight I may have taken enough photos of her to accomplish that. This photo doesn’t look too great in the small size, but her eyes are in perfect focus and they look at you with the look only puppies have. Posted by Picasa


I wasn’t feelimg well today so didn’t shoot anything exciting. I really do like the mobile blogging aspect of blogger! This is our plecostomus in his 55-gallon aquarium. We’ve just planted live plants there, after my husband built some really strong lights for them. I suspect as we add fish they will appear on my PaD too.


This is our new fish Snowy. It is almost impossible to clearly capture a moving fish underwater. I really wanted him peeking out of the plants but he wouldn’t cooperate. I settled for “not fuzzy” over semi-interesting. I do like the depth of field with the rocks though.

One of my goals for this week is to get out of the house and take some photos. It’s hard because I commute an hour each way to work, so I leave in the dark and get home in the dark. Yuck. Gotta love SD winter. Another goal is to take a self-portait. Posted by Picasa

This was taken while dogsledding in Kiruna, Sweden. Posted by Picasa


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