Gilv and Jon. We had a lot of fun at the Zoo day! Gilv is obsessed with monkeys…. Posted by Picasa


Ducks at the DC Booth Fish Hatchery Posted by Picasa

Mallard Duck

Mallard Duck Posted by Picasa

Prairie Dog

Prairie Dog at the town near Devil’s Tower Posted by Picasa

Who let the dogs out?

I need to stop taking quite so many photos per shoot – the shoot with Gerdie, Dudley and Winston was proof of that. I ended up with so many good photos I have no idea how anyone could choose a best one. Here is their slideshow.

I did have a really cool Flash slideshow that played “Who let the dogs out?” by the Baha Men, but it was HUGE. I couldn’t actually get my site to support anything even close to that big. So… slightly different version instead. (no music.)

Winston, Gerdy and Dudley

Three shoots today!! Crazy!! First Seth brought his mom and dad over with their three dogs, Winston, the bulldog, Gerdy, the Chow, and Dudley, the pittbull. That was crazy!! Posted by Picasa

Bunny Rabbit

I worked from home today to be able to concentrate on a few things. This bunny was outside by our deck. Nice shot with the 300 mm lens, I think! Posted by Picasa

More George

George is a fat cat with a little head. He is incredibily lovey too. Posted by Picasa

Cat Eyes

George has pretty eyes too. Posted by Picasa

Georgie Porgie

George again – I wanted to do a photo session with him.

It isn’t working out with him and Boots. She is too used to being Queen and living by herself, and he is trying to rule over her. Our friend Molly has been wanting to get a cat for her dog Chief, and George loves big dogs. Chief is a really chilled out dog and could use the company when she is at work. So she is going to try taking him for a while to see how things work out. Tomorrow she is going to pick him up to introduce them. I really hope they like each other! He is such a nice loving kitty, he has to go to a good home. Posted by Picasa


I had three guys with treats trying to get all of the dogs to pose – it was pretty chaotic! This is the best one. Bailey, Blaze and Loci. Chief refused to be in the photo. I wish Bailey didn’t have her head back so far, but I took what I could get at the moment.Posted by Picasa


This is Loci – she has really grown up. She was just a puppy the last time I saw her. Posted by Picasa


She is such a sweet rot. She is friends with everyone. Posted by Picasa

Georgie Porgie

George came home with us today. His mom Robin had to give him up because she is moving in with her fiance and he is severly allergic to cats. George is pretty pudgy and he thinks he’s a dog. He drools and rubs and loves everyone. Our cat hates him so far. Posted by Picasa


I ordered a 50 mm f1.8 lens from Amazon last week. It finally came today. I am looking forward to using it during weddings and other no-flash situations. This fishy turned out pretty well with it. Posted by Picasa

Chief’s Collage

This is what Chief’s collage will look like, approximately. Posted by Picasa

Good Doggie!

Such a nice doggie! Posted by Picasa


Chief was a lot of fun to shoot. Molly thinks it looks like I was dangling a steak for him in this photo. Posted by Picasa

This is Chief. (His full name is Chief Clancy Wiggum.) He is Molly’s dog and she asked me to take some photos for her.  Posted by Picasa


Chief’s photo session– This is Molly’s dog Chief.

Aaron & Bailey

Today I put my new studio to good use. Aaron kindly agreed to pose for me – good thing he has a lot of patience as I tried to work with my new lights. :-)

Crystal, Karl and Rocco stayed over last night – we had a huge meal at the Olive Garden. Delicious. Rocco is adorable! Posted by Picasa


This is Rocco – Crystal and Karl’s dog. They just announced their engagement – CONGRATULATIONS!!! Posted by Picasa

Bailey’s Fan Club

Curns claims that Bailey has a fan club. He claims that my site gets more traffic when Bailey is on it, and that he has people asking when I’m going to take more photos of Bailey. (I think he was half-loaded when he said this.) If you visit the site mostly to see Bailey, please leave a comment!! You don’t have to have an account to leave a comment on my site. Posted by Picasa

Grandma Creta & Baby Butterfly

This little butterfly left his cocoon about 3 minutes before the photo. Grandma is about 45.6 million minutes old. (Give or take.) Crazy, huh? Posted by Picasa

Red Butterfly

Thought I would try something a bit different. The red in the flowers was about twice as vibrant in the original shot but I think it looks better toned down. Posted by Picasa

Big Flower, Little Butterfly

More butterfly photos – I like this purple one! Happy Valentine’s Day. Posted by Picasa


I took about a hundred photos in the Sertoma Butterfly House today. It was about 85 degrees in there – what a great break from the SD winter! The butterflies were just beautiful! I will probably post more photos later. It was an awesome place to spend a few hours with hundreds of beautiful butterflies floating around our heads in a green, tropical environment. Posted by Picasa


The dark water and winter background made these geese look pretty bland, so I thought I’d try them in black and white. Shot with my 300 mm lens. Posted by Picasa

Aaron & Bailey

Thought maybe you’d want to see Aaron, Bailey’s owner. I know, it’s an awful background but Bailey would not sit still!! Posted by Picasa


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