Flying Style

Last Thursday Jackson and I were on a plane to Fukuoka, Japan. Comfort over style on these days. Luckily it’s just a 1.5 hour flight. No diaper changes mid-air needed.




Jackson wore:

Sweatshirt – SDSU Jackrabbits from the University Bookstore in Brookings.

Pants – Chinese brand from the baby market, with a perfectly legally used Thomas the Tank Engine icon.

Slipper Socks – Chinglish from the baby market. They say ‘Warking. Go! Go!’ Not working, or warning, or walking. Whatever.

Toys – Stella’s!

2 Responses to Flying Style

  1. LOVE the Thomas pants!! My son would have loved those when he was young. :)

  2. You guys look so cute. Nice blankie, btw.
    Stella has been asking after Jackson. Mama? Babies? Babies? Babies go? Babies done? She still loves looking at her ABC book though! BABIESSSSSSS!

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