Playing Style

Xiao Huang has been taking Jackson outside to play every morning and afternoon since it’s so nice out now.  It sounds like lots of the ayis bring the kids out to an area in our compound near the exercise equipment; I’ve went to their little playgroup a couple times and there are lots of babies Jackson’s age.  The nannies help the babies practice walking – it’s pretty cute!

All of the fashionable babies are matching their strollers now…

I love his cute little tummy!  Grandma sent us some summer clothes – they all snap onesie-style which is great for playing and staying stylish.  :-)



Jackson doesn’t want to wear hats anymore… he will not keep them on his head.

Hats aren’t for wearing; they are for nomming!

Jackson wore:

Shirt – OshKosh, gifted from Grandma Reisch

Pants – Faded Glory hand-me-down from cousin Amber

Shoes – from the Hongqiao fake market

Hat – Quechua from Decathalon

Stoller – Combi travel stroller


Featured in Small Style!

So, I was just linking up with Morgan for Small Style, as usual, and I discovered that last month when we did the first ever Dual Small Style post, Morgan featured our babies on her blog.

I’m not sure how I missed it before, but it’s pretty cool that someone else appreciates our super cute babies!!  :-)

Check out her post here. 

Starbucks Style

These were taken in a Starbucks in Japan.  The Starbucks is located inside the park, next to the playground.  It’s a brilliant idea…. moms thrive on caffeine.

As usual, Stella was very patient with Jackson as he tried to nom on her!

Jackson wore:

overalls – The Pumpkin Patch, gifted from Gil and Chris Fewtrell

sweater – Baby Gap (probably real), from the Children’s Market

cap – from the Children’s Market

shoes – from the fake market

Lack of blogging….

I try to blog frequently.  I do.  However life seems to get in the way….

Jackson’s first time in the ocean!  He wasn’t too impressed.  I think the water was a bit too cold for him.  (Photo by Erica)

Last week we were in Japan, visiting Stella and her mommy Erica. We did all kinds of baby-friendly fun things.  See the highlights here.  Really, click on this link!  Erica’s photos are awesome.  Maybe someday I will post some of mine.


Flying Style

Last Thursday Jackson and I were on a plane to Fukuoka, Japan. Comfort over style on these days. Luckily it’s just a 1.5 hour flight. No diaper changes mid-air needed.




Jackson wore:

Sweatshirt – SDSU Jackrabbits from the University Bookstore in Brookings.

Pants – Chinese brand from the baby market, with a perfectly legally used Thomas the Tank Engine icon.

Slipper Socks – Chinglish from the baby market. They say ‘Warking. Go! Go!’ Not working, or warning, or walking. Whatever.

Toys – Stella’s!


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