4/366 – the Post Office

This is the room where I pick up packages above the post office. First, I go to the post office with the slip I’ve received in my mailbox, and the guy points up to tell me to go to the second floor.

I go out and around the building, in a little alley, and carry Jackson’s stroller up a few stairs into the back entrance of a building. I show the paper to the elevator lady and she tells me 2nd floor and pushes the button for me.

On the second floor is the standard dingy whitewashed walls, dirty floors, men smoking and what seems to be random rooms. It’s so weird. I walk back a ways, show my paper to a smoking guy with a China Post uniform on, and he hollers at someone else who apparently can speak English to me (but only says ‘name’, hands me a pen and points to the place on my paper where I need to sign for the package.) The big empty room has a little locked cabinet that contains my package.

I really wonder why my little packages usually come to this back room and not the main area of the Post Office. (My package was a photo book that I ordered from, in case you were wondering.)


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