Office Style


Hi Mom, I’m ready to go to the office like Dad!



Just kidding, I’m going to live at home and slack off.

(Jackson has been warned that living at home when he’s 25 is not acceptable. Unless he is fully supporting us.)

Jackson wore:

Tie bib – made by Grandma Reisch

“Still Living at Home” onesie – Carter’s

Khaki pants – gifted from Grandma R (Jumping Beans)

Shoes – Chinese baby shoes

 Click on the button to check out a lot of other Small Stylin’ babies.  Definitely check out my friend Erica and her daughter Stella, who got me into the whole blogging thing again.  And who I am totally going to visit in JAPAN! Hopefully sooner rather than later.  Can six-month-olds eat sushi?


2 Responses to Office Style

  1. I don’t see why they can’t! ;)
    That bib is adorable. As is your little guy ~

  2. Oh Mr. J. You sweet thing. Watch out. You’re going to have to endure a major snuggle attack. Don’t worry, I’ll hold onto my ovaries.

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