Day 7 – self portrait

Day 7: Self-portrait

Taking a self portrait is the worst.  You can’t see yourself through the viewfinder.  You can’t see your hair out of place, the shine on your face, the clutter in the background, or focus on your own eyes.  *sigh*  I’m a photographer because I like being BEHIND the camera.

I was going to set up my laptop, hooked to my Canon 5D Mark II, and use a software so that I could see in real-time exactly what I looked like.

It got late; I got tired.

So I took the easy way out and took a self-portrait with my iPhone.  I used Instagram to spruce it up a tiny bit.  I hate the clutter in the background, but if I crop it out it makes my face look too big.  I don’t have makeup on.  I’m wearing my glasses even though I NEVER wear my glasses.  (I’m wearing them because I have an appointment Friday to see if I am eligible for LASIK so I may never have to wear them again!) But it’s me.


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