Cammo style

Our little man is getting so big!! Yesterday, our friend Carl said he looks like a 1-year-old.  (He’s 5.5 months old now.)

I love the look on his face – he is such a smiley guy!  I guarantee this is the beginning of a laugh and kicking feet.

Jon bought him this hat sometime during my pregnancy.  This photo was on the second day after he was born.  His poor little eyes were so red and swollen!

After the nurses gave him his bath in the hospital, he came back to us wearing a pink “Born in Shanghai” shirt.  (Colors don’t mean anything in China, but we did receive a blue one upon our checkout from the hospital.) He fills it out a little better now!

Jackson wore:

Skull beanie –

Born in Shanghai t-shirt – gifted from Parkway Health

Cammoflauge pants – hand-me-downs from cousin Amber

Shoes – from the fake market in Hongqiao

2 Responses to Cammo style

  1. Awww, what a cutie. that smile is adorable.

  2. Okay…Mr. J is just about the smiliest little guy ever! His eyes look so bright and open and engaged. I so want to meet him in person!

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