Photo Tip Tuesday – Baby Shots

 A few weeks ago, I went to a Bumps and Babes meeting about photography.  The photographer suggested putting baby on a blanket, face the window, and take photos!  Really, it’s so simple to get great photos. (Well, as long as baby cooperates.)

Here’s my setup.

It’s easy to get at eye level if you put the baby on the bed!  I pile some pillows behind him and throw the sheet over the top to create a make-shift “seamless backdrop.”

Also, with babies a spit-rag to mop up the drool between photos is essential. (As pictured to the left.)

My back is to the window and he’s looking into the light (notice the nice catch-lights in his eyes.)

Move the camera close to baby, set at a low F-stop and focus on the eyes.

That’s it!

Live, Love, TRAVEL

2 Responses to Photo Tip Tuesday – Baby Shots

  1. thanks for sharing your set-up! I love seeing people’s pull back shots! Your baby is soo adorable, and you did a great job getting catchlights in his eyes!

    Thanks for linking up!

  2. Catching up on your you can see by multiple comments (and by the way, I totally should be sleeping. It’s 8 oclock and past my jet lag bedtime. As you can tell by this senseless and rambeling comment. Anywho) This is super helpful. I kind of think I’d better have another kid to get awesome pictures of.
    And Now I’ll be following photo tip tuesdays. Oh look tomorrow is tuesday. So hooray. OMG I need to shut up now. BYE

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