Robot Style!

I love these jammies.  Jackson loves them too.  They were gifted from Megan, who went through every pair on the rack to find the ones with the cutest robot placement.  Check out the orange guy waving and the gray one peeking out on the foot!  Jackson has just as many jammies as outfits, I think.  But hey, he’s a baby.  It’s OK to wear your jammies all day, right?

Jackson wore:

Footed Robot PJs – gifted from Megan (from The Children’s Place)

2 Responses to Robot Style!

  1. Ummmm…okay. Who is the cutest little guy in Shanghai? Fab jams, loves them. And so glad that you’re kicking it small style style. I also saw that you’re doing lots of photo linky parties as well, which obvs is a good idea because you’re amazing. GAH if I could take pictures of my kid that are half as good as yours…wanna come to Japan for a photo lesson?

  2. Actually, I DO want to come to Japan!!! The last time we did a photo lesson you were 3 months pregnant! I was just thinking how you and Stella were suppose to visit us but then she couldn’t get a Chinese visa…. the little terrorist. :-) So I guess it’s our turn to visit you before you move somewhere else. Seriously. Let’s discuss this!

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