You know you are back in China when….

There are vaccum-packed pig snouts next to the lunch meat.

5 Responses to You know you are back in China when….

  1. Nasty!! do they smell?? haa haa haa haaa haa ok im done. :)

  2. I don’t know if they smell; I didn’t buy them. But – the live fish smell and the fresh meat lying out in the open isn’t that appealing… So I wouldn’t be able to tell what smells anyway!

  3. Emily I think it’s a joke. Do they smell? Not any more they don’t!

    I’m sure you know, Tesco is the UK’s biggest retailer, but I’m pretty sure they don’t sell these in London.

  4. @ WoAi: Oh dear…. I’m turning into Sheldon from The Big Bang Theory! (Not understanding humor… soon people will have to hold up sarcasm signs when talking to me… uh oh.) Thanks for pointing out the oh-so-obvious joke to me. *blushes*

    I studied in Manchester for a semester so occasionally shopped at Tesco there. It makes me giggle thinking of any poor Brit who walks into the fresh food section of Tesco here hoping it will be the same! :-)

  5. I blame Megan, she should have put a smiley face or added “LOL”!

    All I want are some traditional English Cumberland sausages. Is that too much to ask?

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