New iPhones!!!

This weekend Jon bought iPhones for both of us. Wow, talk about life-changing technology! The amount of apps available is amazing. I actually did this whole post from my phone and can access my full blog, including things like comment moderation from my phone. Awesome.

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  1. WOWzy. Comment moderation~is that like checking the comments before they get posted? Nice pic of Jon. I wonder if AT&T will offer those to us next month-I was told we’ll have a new selection of phones.

  2. Yep, approving comments if the person is a first-time poster to my blog.

    Another cool app is a subway one for Shanghai – it’s a subway map, and then you can click on a “find nearest” button and it will tell you how many meters away the closest 10 stations are and what lines they are!

    Jon has a bubble level, a Zippo lighter, and a light saber on his… anything that you can use motion to activate is pretty cool.

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