McDonald’s delivered.

In America, we have drive-thrus.  We can get any type of food, do our banking, or pick up a prescription at the drive-thru.  The concept hasn’t been heard of here.

Instead, we have things delivered.  McDonald’s included.  You see the McDonald’s guys on bikes everywhere (petal bikes, not scooters. McDonald’s must be cheap.)  I read how to do this a while ago, and Claire and I decided to test it out.

We called the number…. ordered…  and 16 minutes later a guy was at her door with our order!  We were amazed.

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  1. I order McDonalds all the time now. It just seems pointless for me to go myself, wait in line, then walk back to the office when I can call and it’ll be here in 10 minutes.

    Thanks Oli!

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