Two British friends and two Australian friends decided to go out for Thanksgiving dinner, so they thought they’d better invite me.  I mean, how can you celebrate an American holiday without an American present?


Thanksgiving dinner – a cold oyster, turkey, potatoes, broccoli, and “stuffing” which was a bit of gravy with chunks of things like nuts in it.  Stuffing?  Really?

IMG_0003thanksgiving“Pumpkin Pie” – everyone was disappointed in this and hardly ate any.  It taste like pureed nothing.  And it wasn’t even a PIE!!!

IMG_0004thanksgivingAfter the meal, we stuck around for quiz night.  We didn’t do too bad – the bonus round question was “What is this a picture of and where is it?”  It was Carhenge in Nebraska!!  We got it right, but even doubling our points didn’t let us win.

I also showed the non-American’s how to draw a turkey using your hand and what a Turducken is.

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