Crappy construction

The day Dan left for Australia, we agreed to meet for a burger and milkshake.  I figured he wouldn’t be done packing, so I headed to his place.  He thought we were meeting at Johnny Moo’s…  so I waited for a while until he came back to his apartment.  I amused myself by taking some photos.  The “quality” of jobs here is just amazing. They just slop the paint everywhere (like on the electric boxes and window sills) and just left a paint brush in a bucket of paint (now dried.)  My dad would have been very upset at me if I’d done that….

IMG_4640I did take one semi-creative self-portrait though!

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  1. It was so amazing living in that building… fortunately, I managed to ignore/ forget about so much of the mess that I was walking past each day!

    It’s so nice to be living in a building that’s actually finished now :)

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