Back to Blogging…. again

The other day Steve told me his dad was worried about me and asked if I was sick, since it had been so long since I’ve updated my blog.  Thanks for the concern, Steve’s dad!  I did take some time off blogging, as I was visiting friends and family and starting a new (part-time) job.

Last month we went home for October holiday.  We went to a friend’s wedding, saw family on both sides of the state, Jon went into work one day, I extended my visit and went to visit my cousin Ann in Arizona, then I got stuck in San Francisco an extra day due to a missed flight.

Just a couple days after I got back, I started my new job.  I’ve blogged before about my friend Suzy’s shopping tours.  She’s asked me to give tours on days she is unavailable or if she has two tours or a big group.  In the past two weeks, I’ve done four tours.  It’s really fun and interesting meeting all of the different people.

October 24th was the year anniversary of my brother’s death.  It’s a really hard time of year for the whole family.  Jared’s headstone was finished last month.  It certainly doesn’t seem like it’s been a year already.  It also doesn’t always seem real.


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  1. Hi darling, I was thinking about you today too – I’m very happy to see that you’re back on your blog! Very nice to read about your new job too! Mine is okay – it’s a job! Big hugs from Holland! Wish I could give you one in real life (but that will take a while longer than expected :'()

  2. hey emily, thinking of you during this time…

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