Scooting Shanghai

My friend Casey is the editor for Shanghai Talk magazine, which recently did an article about all of the foreigners getting electric scooters.  Steve had gotten a scooter several weeks ago, along with Jon S., and after Jon rode it he decided we needed scooters.  We didn’t get one from Spicy Motors, as mentioned in the article – we just got a cheap Chinese one.  Suzy, Johnna, Mike and Shane all have ones from Spicy Motors.

IMG_4466Steve riding the scooter in Carrefour – a few things needed to be fixed on it.

IMG_4465Check out the little seat and handles in front for the kid to ride on!

IMG_4464Steve tested the kid seat.  His feet are actually both off the ground, on the child’s foot rest.

IMG_4467Steve’s 2-car garage had been empty for several months.  Then he bought a bike.  Then a scooter.  Then Jon S.’s scooter was added.  And Steve’s motorcycle and sidecar.  And Jon’s motorcycle and sidecar.  And our scooter briefly.  Boys and their toys…..

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  1. This is too funny. Although, I’m not sure which part is funnier…Steve in the kiddie seat or all the stuff in his garage!

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