Barbie Store, Shanghai

After the mediocre lunch at the Barbie Cafe, we explored the rest of the store.


There’s a runway for fashion shows.IMG_9917_barbie_sm

A changing room complete with many dizzying mirrors and benches shaped like poodles.


A huge circular staircase with hundreds of Barbies in pink dresses.


Mannequins near the Barbie clothing line (all sizes, not just little girls.  Anna and Bonnie fit right in!)


Ethnic Barbies from all over the world.  (Does Bonnie look like French Barbie?  French Barbie kinda looks like a Las Vegas showgirl to me.)


A history of different Barbies thorough the years.  (Bonnie was a flight attendant and her husband is a pilot so Pilot Barbie is appropriate for her.  Also, it may have been the only Barbie with short hair that we saw.)

IMG_9932_barbie_smAnd if all of this pink Barbie madness has worn you out, you can go to the Barbie Spa to relax.

2 Responses to Barbie Store, Shanghai

  1. Great photos, Emily. You guys went all out, and I commend your embrace of all things pink!

  2. Wow you girls look sensational. You don’t want to do something like this half hearted. Do they have something similar for guys, LOL!

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