Chang Jiang 750 Sidecar Motorcycles

Jon and Steve ordered their sidecar motorcycles about 3 months ago.  I can’t say I’d recommend getting them at CJ Sidecars – it was supposed to take 40 days but took about an extra month.  There were several other foreigners who ordered bikes the same week who were leaving right after they were supposed to be finished.  I can only imagine what a mess that would be for them, trying to get them shipped home when you are already home!

Also, Steve’s was supposed to be dark gray with slightly darker gray flames, just a very slight color difference.  However, it arrived painted a light gray with black flames!  I was there when he picked the colors so I can definitely say those are not the colors he choose.  Luckily he isn’t very picky so he just went with it.

They’ve also spent many hours there having them fix various things.  Both of them know way more about motorcycles than anyone at the shop that I’ve met.  These bikes were used by the Russians in WWII and then copied by the Chinese sometime in the fifties.  Steve pointed out that their bikes could have been manufactured 15 years apart – they are original bikes but refurbed.  (I’m not a gearhead, so please forgive any inaccuracies about mechanical things.  Here is a bit more history.)







It was about 6:30  PM when I started shooting, so was using an 6400 ISO and 2.8/F.

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  1. Supercool bikes!! Can I fit in the side car? :D

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