Dangling Feet

The other day I was talking to my friend Dan, when he told me that someone was dangling outside of his window and it was bit creepy.

Many of the buildings in Shanghai are getting a face-lift before the World Expo next year.  This guy is putting a light coat of cement over all of the small (formerly) white tiles that are the buildings facade.  Next it will be painted and the cheap, ugly tile is gone.


These guys must be fearless.  They dangle from the side of a building (this is 24 stories up), just sitting on a board that is attached by a rope to something up top.  No safety harnesses.  (He is wearing a helmet, though I’m not sure how effective that would be this high up.)

IMG_4409A bamboo ladder, which they set on a lower roof level to get on the very top of the building.  No roof access, apparently?

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  1. “I’m pretty sure that the helmet is now wearing /him/ for protection.” — Jerry Seinfeld

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