That’s SO Swedish….

When Hanna was in America, she said certain things were “SO American.” Like peanut butter and jelly. Here are some things that I think are SO Swedish.

Summer homes! Swedes get at least 5 weeks of vacation per year, so it seems everyone has a little cabin in the woods by the lake to get away to. Very nice.

Woods. Green things. Nature. Sweden has a law that every person has a right to hike through and put up a tent and camp on ANY land. Technically someone could sleep in your cow pasture or field two nights. However, Swedes are very polite and certainly wouldn’t set up camp anywhere that might bother someone.

Bread and cheese and meat for breakfast. Yum! Swedes have “tube food” which is just like it sounds – many different types of food processed and put in a metal tube. Flavors are things like: cheese and bacon, ham, salmon, and various types of cheese. We can get two kinds at our local IKEA, but they have whole aisles devoted to it in Swedish grocery stores.

Another cute little Swedish house. The majority of houses are red. If it’s not red, it’s yellow. It’s just the rule!

2 Responses to That’s SO Swedish….

  1. Hanna Almlöf

    Oh oh, can't you do a 'That's SO Chinese?'

  2. Isn't this blog "That's SO Chinese?" :-)

    Na, that's a great idea. I'll also go back and post some of the things that were SO American I think! It's a multicultural blog, after all!

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