We got into the Amsterdam airport at about 4 AM. We always seems to be at Schiphol at weird hours. The sunrise was nice though! Schiphol is a nice airport – it has a museum, a play area, a casino, a spa, tons of shops… not a bad way to kill a couple hours. I saw that a 10-minute neck and shoulder massage cost 16 Euros. That’s 153 RMB for 10 minutes; well over 10 times more expensive than China. China – 1; the Netherlands – 0.

I bought some nail polish at a shop, and the salesperson was super nice, even bubbly at 4 AM. I was so surprised at how nice she was. I’ve forgotten what customer service is and how nice people can be, even if they don’t know each other. China – 0; the Netherlands – 1.

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  1. Unfortunatly not on the moment that you were in my beautiful country, I wasn't there, but Holland has me!!! China: 0 (inge zoeteliefs) – Netherlands 1 :)

    Ok, I know you have loads more friends in China, but they can't make the nasi I can (especially when i bring the good rice next time :D)

  2. Your nasi is probably one of my favorite dishes… SO YUMMY!!! Ha, now that you said that you are going to end up cooking for us again! :-)

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