The Urban Planning Museum

The Urban Planning Museum has been on our to-do in Shanghai list for a couple years. When Bettina said she’d like to go, we decided to join her and cross it off that list!

It seems to be open every day until 6 PM. Different websites say different things, but the official site says 6 PM. (The official English site doesn’t work.) If you exit the subway at People’s Square from Exit #3, on line 1 or 8, you are at the base of the museum.

The whole museum had lots of interactive LCD displays, backlit info panels, and models for everything.

One annoying thing was that many titles had English translations, but none of the body of the text was translated! (This annoys me about magazines too. They’ll have Chinese and English titles on the cover, but only Chinese inside.)

The model of the inner city of Shanghai is a highlight. It’s very cool. This photo was taken from the 3rd floor, looking down at it.

See the building that is taller than the WFC (the bottle opener)? They are just beginning construction on it, so it’s a bit strange that it’s already in the model. Online, it says that the “clear plastic models” are planned buildings, but I didn’t see anything in the museum mentioning that.

This is what the exhibition grounds for the World Expo in 2010 will look like.

These are our apartment buildings, but they look nothing like the actual buildings do! The roof has nothing like that, same with the round holes in the sides.

One cool part was on floor MF (between 1F and 2F). There were many old photos of Shanghai. Two LCD screens had simultaneous photos of Shanghai, taken from the same viewpoint, but years apart.

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